Prom Princess

This sketch of Rebecca was commissioned by her mom Catherine, as a birthday surprise. You probably know by now, that I am frequently commissioned for custom wedding gown illustrations. Well I also draw beauty pageant queens, sweet sixteens, bat-mitzvah and prom girls like Rebecca here.
Rebecca loves the illustration so much that there's been talk of doing some more; one of her senior prom dress and one of her graduation dress to make a fun triptych.

Since prom and graduation are just around the corner I thought it was a good time to share this illustration with you. Maybe you know a girl who would like a custom illustration from prom as a special graduation gift?

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Maison Charmante said...

Hi dear Brooke! Your illustrations are "bellissime"!
I'm your new follower from Italy

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke!
Your illustrations are fabulous. What a terrific keepsake for a loved one to have forever!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That's such a great great idea!!!

Brooke said...

Thank you everyone!

Maryam, its funny that your leaving a comment today, I was just talking about you and thinking I needed to check in with your blog.

Brooke said...

Oh and Michela, welcome! Its so nice to have new followers, especially from one my favorite countries to vacation!

Reyni Ramirez said...

im your fan!!!!


Melissa said...

Lovely dress. Equally as lovely sketch!