Fabulous Doodles 2019 Gift Guide

It's been a few years since I've put together a gift guide but this year I thought I'd give it a go and share a few of my favorite things ranging from items I use everyday to new gadgets, client projects I've designed and the perfect little starter kit for the aspiring illustrator. I hope you like my little list and maybe it inspires you to shop for the creative girl in your life or better yet, add to your holiday want list!

1. For the boss babe: I received this gorgeous cup as a gift years ago and its been a stunning staple on my desktop ever since. Brass and moonstone cup by Addison Weeks adds an extra dose of glam to any desk, holding brushes, pencils, or a small bouquet. 

2. Embossed "Feminist" 18k gold plated keyring. I have a similar one on my keys that I look at everyday while riding my elevator up to my apartment and I love it! Will make the perfect gift for your wing woman. 

3. For the sentimentalist: Polaroid Lab Printer. The past few weeks I've had the pleasure of using this printer at Ferragamo events and I've been loving it! You can take and edit photos on your phone then once they're perfected place your iphone atop the printer and print an actual Polaroid! Its the best of both worlds. 

4. For the Fashion Design Major: An Apple Pencil is something I've been teaching myself to use for the past few years. It takes some getting used to adjusting from pen and paper to digital but once you get the swing of it the possibilities are endless. 

5. For the wine lover: Sociologie Blushing Rosé. My go to hostess gift for any party. I illustrated the whole Sociologie Wine line but the blushing rosé is by far my favorite. 

6. For the entrepreneur: Acrylic Kate Spade business card holder. If the entrepreneur in your life is anything like me her card are show-off-ready so this card case is perfect! 

7. For the fashion plate: Brooklit illustrated phone case. I change up my phone case pretty often but its always one from my illustration phone shop! Anyone on your shopping list who got the new iPhone will be in need of a new case. And if you use the link here you can get $10 off your first order and free worldwide shipping. 

8. For the aspiring fashion illustrator: a fashion illustration starter kit, complete with a large sketchbook, my favorite mini travel sketchbook and a pack of my favorite skin tone Copic markers will always be a great gift because you can never have enough good supplies! 

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