Costume Designs {The Hunger Games}

Hello Katniss Everdeen! InStyle contacted designers to come up looks for Katniss' show stopping fire costume for the opening ceremony scene. One of my closest friends, designer Renaldo Barnette, has been freelancing for Nicole Miller and got to take a stab at this costume design project. (Being a bit of a Hunger Games fanatic, I think I may have been more excited about it than he was!)
(Nicole Miller)
Although I may be bias, I think Renaldo really hit the nail on the head with this one! He truly captured her fierce transformation into a strong and beautiful woman while maintaining her essence (with her signature braid) and the drama of the moment with the cape and headpiece.
(Rachel Roy)
Rachel Roy's interpretation is also a stunning illustration, however it may be a little too avant garde. (If anything could be avant garde in "the Capital.")
(Charolette Ronson)
The Hunger Games is currently filming and I can't wait to see it and soak up more of Peeta, Gale, and Katniss. If you'd like to see more of the designer costume designs, check out InStyle.
(Tibi and BCBG)
This trilogy is one of my recent faves and I'm thrilled its being brought to the silver screen. Hopefully there will more more costume design illustrations leaking out as well.

Fabulous Doodles 2011 Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your fashion-design-major little sis, your artistic 4 year old niece, or your impossible to shop for yet fabulous bff? Well look no further, because I've assembled the perfect gift guide for the fashion loving artist in your life.
The first gift of the guide, for The Fashion Student is the (1) jumbo button box. It's ideal for art supplies (or jewelry) and is on my personal wish list. The (2) Aphrodite USB hub adds the right amount of kitch to any workspace. (3) 101 Things I learned in Fashion School is an incredibly informative little book for any design freshman. These (4) sketch books are the ones that I use for all my illustration work. They come in 2 different sizes, have thick bright white paper, and perforated edges that make a clean tear. The (5) mini pink sewing machine would be great for that last minute hem adjustment. (Or for a person with a tiny apartment who's too lazy to get out their big sewing machine from storage. . .like me :)
(1. Fashion Illustration Mini Print $6, 2. Snapshot Frames, set of 5 $10, Button Magnets $25 3. Gold iPhone Receiver $78, 4. Kate Spade iPhone Case $40, 5. Valentino Book $47.25)
For The Hard to Shop for Fashion Friend: My (1) fashion illustration mini-prints would be great for any fashion minded girl. Maybe your bff with a new office or apartment to decorate? The button or snapshot frame magnets would be adorable to adorn a cubicle or fridge. The Kate Spade gold dot iphone case is my new favorite thing! I have it, and get comments on it daily. (And the limited edition gold retro hand held phone is just begging to be paired with it.) Buying a book about your friends favorite designer is brilliant. I received this beautiful Valentino book as a gift. It not only contains a plethora of stunning photos and sketches from the legendary designer but also looks amazing on a coffee table.
Little Etsy Extras: Looking for that extra little gift thats the perfect unique handmade addition to your gift, Etsy is the website for you. Can't afford Chanel, you can pick up this beautiful (1) signed pencil drawing print. The (2) colored pencil stud earring make for a fun and quirky gift. A (3) pocket mirror from my shop would be a great little addition to a cosmetic or handbag purchase. The (4) sterling silver scissors are a great charm necklace for any designer, crafter or artist. The chevron striped pouch makes for a very chic pencil case and a pack of (6) fashion illustration flat note cards from my shop would be lovely to get in the mail thanking you for the fabulous gifts.
(1. Jumbo Clipboard $167, 2. Crayon Maker $44.98, 3. Face Plate $10.99, 4. Aquadoodle $43.88)
For The Little Artist: In my doctors office I fell in love with possibly the coolest looking (1) wall easel/clip board with a roll of paper to continuously draw and paint. The (2) Crayola crayon maker would have been life changing as a child! With these (3) face plates its now okay to play with your food. And last but not least, (4) Aquadoodle, the toddler toy that allows them to make art with just water. I've played with this at my friends house and I love it! (I've actually fought with a 3 year old over the water pen!)

Syms & Filene's Basement Project

About two months ago I was approached by a branding group to sketch fashion illustrations for a new re-branding proposal for discount chain stores Syms and Filene's Basement. They commissioned me to draw some simple line illustrations to be used in ad mock-ups for their proposal presentation.
Normally I'd feel uncomfortable sharing conceptual artwork that never made it to print but since the retail giant announced that they were filling Chapter-11 and would be closing all their stores I thought I would share a few examples from the project with you.
I grew up making frequent trips to Filene's Basement with my mom and I'm sad to see them close, although it was a thrill to work on this little project for them before they bid adieu.

Holiday {Fashion} Cards

New fashion illustration cards were added to my Brooklit Etsy shop just in time for the holidays. These cards are ideal for the fashion lover in your life. They feature brand new holiday themed illustrations including my interpretation of Mrs. Claus, a girl channeling a Christmas tree all dressed in green and wrapped in lights, and a fancy girl I've dubbed Chanukah Harriet who is showing off her eloquently wrapped gifts.
These cards were printed for me by the wonderful MOO crew. They are made of heavy weight card stock with a silky matte laminate finish. Each card is paired with a metallic silver envelope and has my logo and shop info on the back and are blank inside. I've made cards for Christmas, Chanukah, and some that simply say "Happy Holidays."
For the first time I've also created a New Years card. She's decked out in a sequin gown and tons jewels. I decided to try something a little different by throwing some monochromatic double-bubble balloons in there as well.

You can check out the whole card collection currently available in my Brooklit Etsy shop.

Bat-Mitzvah Girl

A few weeks ago my close family friend Kyra here had her bat-mitzvah. We toyed with different idea's of how to incorporate the custom fashion illustration I had done of her into her big day. We thought about printing custom stamps, placing it on invitations, or onto party favors like t-shirts or cds. In the end we used it for a truly custom sign-in board for her bat-mitzvah party.
Kyra's unique sign-in board set the right tone at the party entrance, it was instantly identifiable as being the bat-mitzvah girl and was a big hit among all the guests! A custom bat-mitzvah illustration could also make a great gift, if your not in the market for a sign-in board.

Spotted: VIP Brooklit Fans

Being out and about in the city and at different events I often encounter some pretty notable people whom I like to chat it up with such as Bobbi Thomas and Louise Roe (shown below.) Since I'm a artist, I feel that there's no better way to network then by sharing a visual reference of what it is I do. My business cards, printed by Moo, feature different illustrations from my portfolio, so its as though I have a mini portfolio on me at all times. After showing all my cards, I then let people pick their favorite.
Pictured here are some of the aforementioned VIPs: Today Show's style editor Bobbi Thomas, whom I met at Lincoln Center for NY Fashion Week. Bobbi chose my Vogue illustration card and fashion journalist and tv host Louise Roe, whom I had the pleasure of meeting with at the Empire, opted for both Vogue and Mystie.
The Style Network's Jeannie Mai chose to take a bite out of my Vogue illustration at a Style breakfast! And Paper Magazine's fabulous Editorial Director, Mickey Boardman whom I also met at NY Fashion Week went with the bold Billowing Bride.
Jaslene Gonzales, America's Next Top Model winner whom I met at the 50/50 movie premiere after party chose Eva because she loved the dramatic lace sleeves. And last but certainly not least is Design Sponge author Grace Bonney who also favored the Billowing Bride.

For you non-facebookers I'm sharing these photo's here on Fabulous Doodles, but if you'd like to check out some more of them, I recently created a album on my Facebook fan page that I plan to continually add to.

Watercolor Fashion

Happy weekend everyone! A few days ago I stumbled upon these lovely watercolor fashion illustration ads and knew I had to share them with you. They're timeless, whimsical and just scream "Fabulous Doodles".
After a little research I learned that the watercolor paintings are all by the artist Holly Houk. She was commissioned by Kwiat to create a vintage-style backdrop for their latest advertising campaign of blue-tinted watercolor "models" for the jewels to lay over.
I think these ads are divine. I commend Kwiat on thinking outside the box and wish more brands would take advantage of all the talented painters, illustrators and artists out there.

Bridal Costume Illustration {Pam Am}

What do you get when you take a 60's period wardrobe paired with the hottest new show on television, then add in a beautiful wedding gown worn throughout the first two episodes? My favorite new show, ABC's Pan Am. (I realize I'm about a month late here, but thanks to my dvr, I watched all four episodes last night. Better late than never right!)
Within the first five minutes of the pilot episode of Pan Am one of the leading ladies wore the most lovely wedding gown, and I instantly fell in love. Laura played by Margot Robbie, donned this elegant duchess satin gown with a fitted bodice, voluminous gathered skirt, and tiny bow detailing at the shoulders and waistband.
I quickly grabbed my sketchbook to capture the look and since I really like the outcome I've added it to BrooklitBride so you can purchase your own print of my "Laura" bridal costume illustration. I can't wait to see what the costume designers come up with next. I'm hoping there are many more elegant affairs ahead.

(Image of ABC's Pan Am taken from my tv.)

Kate Middleton Bridal Illustration

Meet my newest bridal fashion illustration, Kate Middleton Dutchess of Cambridge. I have to admit I was a little obsessed and was one of those people who was up at 4AM tuning into the historic royal wedding.
Weeks before the royal wedding I was contacted by The Nate Berkus Show to collaborate with stylist Louise Roe on a illustration predicting Kate's gown design. Kate's dress was so top secret leading up to the big day, it was kept in a vault and even the designer was kept a mystery. Louise and I had a long conversation about the dress, even referenced a post I wrote with designer predictions, and we were on the same page as to what we thought her dress would look like. I sketched away and two days later I was sitting in the audience watching Nate and Louise discuss my sketches!
Needless to say I had put a lot of time and thought into her dress so I was thrilled when the wedding day came and I saw her step out and into that car. I couldn't believe how dead-on we were! There were some slight differences though to my design and the one Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen did, so I sketched out a new illustration here based the wedding pictures. Here's the listing of the Kate print and if you'd like a sketch of yourself or to give as a gift, here is a link with my custom work.

(I'm also obsessed with this wallpaper shown above; Graham & Brown's "Crowns and Coronets")

Sketches from Fashion Week Spring 2012 {Part 2}

(Rachel Roy)
Sadly its the last day of Fashion Week here in New York. And although we'll have to wait until spring for the collections to pop up in stores (and till Feb. for the next NYFW to roll around) we can enjoy the fabulous designer sketches here and now starting with these creamy neutral designs.
(Pamella Roland)
I absolutely adore the illustration style of the designs from Rachel Roy and Pamella Roland. Both show such fluid movement and have an easy sketchy quality to them while still conveying clear garment designs and details.
(St. John and Cynthia Steffe)
These sketches, by St. John and Cynthia Steffe, are both pretty heavy handed and appear to be drawn with a thick marker, like a Sharpie. This could be a little tough to pull off since the tip is so thick and can easily bleed and become a blurring mess. However these turned out great, and I'm sure were completed fairy quickly. It could be a fun drawing exercise to try out this style and see if works for you. The trick is to work fast and keep that marker moving.
(Pamella Roland)
For more fashion illustrations from the spring 2012 collections you can check out Essence and Pantone Style Guide.

Custom Bridal Illustrations

Over the past few weeks, with summer coming to an end, I've been busy sending out new custom bridal fashion illustrations. I thought now, mid New York Fashion Week, would be a great time to share a few of these brides with you.
(Bride, Amy)
This first bride was a fun client to work with, not only did I love her gown, but her spunky personality as well. She told me she was "very sassy" and wanted her personality to shine through in the illustration.
(Bride Catherine, gift from her sister Christina)
This second bridal fashion illustration is unique for me. The reason being, although I've been doing these for years now she is my very first custom illustration commission for an Asian bride! I was so excited to work on her and absolutely love the chic simplicity of her minimal and modern look.
(Bride Lyndsey, gift from sis Drew)
Last but not least is this lovely southern belle wearing a classic sweetheart neckline, adorned with lace applique and a figure flattering waist-cinching bow on a-line gown. I happen to be a total girly girl, so this bride is certainly another favorite!

If you would like a custom illustration for yourself or to give as a gift you can check out the custom illustration listings in my Etsy bridal shop, Brooklit Bride. You can also read this older post detailing my custom process.

Sketches from Fashion Week Spring 2012 {Part 1}

(ADAM by Adam Lippes and Peter Som)
Its that time of year again, fashion week is in full swing and Manhattan is all a buzz with shows, parties and promotional fashion events. My favorite aspect of fashion week is the abundance of designer sketches from the new collections of corse.
(Lela Rose and Nanette Lepore)
This season I've grouped the designer sketches by color, and today I'm featuring the springy pinks, reds, and oranges with the occasional hint of navy.
(Elie Tahari and VPL by Victoria Bartlett)
When reviewing a wide array of designer sketches grouped together like this its interesting to take note of the different ways that you could approach your own fashion illustrations. There's a simple, stylized and slightly edgy technique used by ADAM (which happens to be my favorite of this post), or the bold and cartoon-esque look of Nanette Lepore and Elie Tahari.
(DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger)
Another interesting technique you could play around with is a mix of a pencil drawn figure with a marker colored-in, garment as seen in both the Lela Rose and VPL by Victoria Bartlett illustrations.
(Milly by Michelle Smith)
Last but not least is the quick looking more gesture-drawing style sketching as seen in the Peter Som, DKNY, and Milly sketches. What's your favorite illustration style?

(Designer sketches from Pantone)

Anthropologie Welcomes Decor8 Holly Becker

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Decor8 blogger and best selling author of Decorate, Holly Becker. New York was the very last stop of her US book tour and although mother nature almost interfered by giving us a earthquake and then a hurricane, Holly made it to NYC safe and sound.
I've been reading Holly's blog for years, long before I started Fabulous Doodles. I've also taken Holly's class Blogging Your Way, not once but twice! So needless to say it was a thrill to finally meet the lovely lady herself. Anthropologie hosted the event in their Soho store, which started off with a presentation by Holly on assembling a successful mood board.
A funny thing happened, during the presentation Holly talked about the importance of including key fabrics for color, texture and pattern to set the tone. She used a gold and pink swatch as an example of a fabric she loved and treasured. What's so crazy is that I had sent her that fabric about 5 years ago! At the time Holly had asked her readers to send any extra fabrics and trims they had to put together swatch packets as a giveaway. I was working as a designer and stylist and had an entire studio space filled with fabrics and notions so I sent her a nice big box and that swatch was one of them! I had bought it from Mood and used it on design boards for Seventeen and CosmoGirl. I remember it so well because I, like Holly, loved it too and had a big piece up on my office inspiration board.
After the mood board demo drinks, hor derves and cookies were passed around while everyone mingled and the book signing began. Holly mentioned a group was going for drinks after so I hung around waiting for the singing to finsih while having a great time getting to know Rashan Carraway, aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting and Mayne Richardson.
We had fun and did a little impromtu photo shoot around the store before heading over to the Soho Grand for cocktails with Holly and friends. (Including Paul and Marcia Zia Priven, Cristina Batch-Lee of Etsy, Abby Jacobs of West Elm, fellow fashion illustrator Samantha Hahn, stylist Raina Kattelson, and Brett Bara.) It was so nice chatting it up and getting to know such a creative group of people.
If you haven't already, you should go go pick up Holly's book Decorate. Its a fantastic visual guide to decorating and making your space uniquely yours. The book also has stunning images and tips from designers such as Jonathan Adler, Nate Berkus, and Vincent Wolf.

Vera Wang Designs for Kim K.

I was thrilled when I saw Vera Wang's tweet this morning directing me to her sketches of Kim Kardashian's three (yes, you read that right, she wore three) wedding gown designs. Needless to say, I love a designer sketch. Take a designer sketch and add in a celebrity or pop culture reference and I've got a guaranteed Fabulous Doodles feature. (You can check out similar previous posts with designs for 'Bella Swan' and Kate Middleton.)
This first dress, a classic princess ballgown design is the dress Kim wore to walk down the aisle for the actual wedding ceremony. As I love almost anything ballerina inspired, I adore the impressively large gathered tulle skirt and simplicity and elegance of the strapless lace bodice.
The second design, my personal favorite for Kim, is a dramatic lace ruffled mermaid silhouette that she donned for their first dance.

And last but not least, Kim's third dress is a v-neck bias cut satin gown with a flared skirt bottom. This one is the most simple and very old Hollywood and was worn to party the night away.
I'm so glad that Vera and the Wang gang decided to share these sketches. I wish more designers would follow suit. I'm also thankful thats its gotten me out my blogging rut! I can't believe its been a month since my last post. I'm sorry, its unlike me to let so much time lapse between posts but its been a nutty summer. (I have been posting on facebook and checking in on twitter though, so make sure you're a follower.)

Illustrations by Vera Wang

Custom Bridal Illustration: Emily

Another summer weekend has come and gone and with it another custom bridal illustration is mailed out to a bride. This one is Emily who happens to be a previous client actually. (No, its not her second wedding!) I previously worked with Emily years ago on seven custom Marie Antoinette inspired illustrations for her website, Material Girls.
Emily sent over a entire online album (from her photographer Taylor Lord Photography) of her bridal session photo shoot. It was the ideal way for me to work on a custom bridal illustration. It also didn't hurt that Emily is gorgeous and her stunning Lazaro dress wasn't too shabby either. Its often a bit of challenge to illustrate from the photos clients send over. They can be too small, poorly lit, and rarely have close up shots of the bride and the dress details. This was not the case here though as you can see from these lovely photos.
It was a joy to work with Emily again and I hope she likes her bridal illustration as much as I do! For your own custom bridal illustration or to give one as a gift, you can check out the custom listings in my Etsy bridal shop, Brooklit Bride.
The image above is from Wisteria, I simply photoshopped my illustration of Emily on in there. Emily does plan on custom framing the artwork though and I can't wait to see a photo of it and add it to my client photo album.

Back to Basics

Lately I've felt I needed a little jolt in the creativity department and these drawings may be it. I dusted off my sketchbook and am really excited to share my latest sketches. These are not the usual fashion illustrations I share here on Fabulous Doodles but they're a well needed breath of fresh air for me and my Etsy shop, Brooklit. I haven't drawn like this years and its such a nice thing to revisit.
It started about a few weeks ago when I decided to dig out my watercolors and paint some little mermaids for my bathroom (shown below). Then continuing my obsession with Pinterest, I found some fantastic photos, like this beautiful ballerina (above,) that inspired me to start drawing again. I used to be so opposed to drawing from a picture, that it wasn't really drawing if you were working off a 2D image. (I guess I've gotten over that one since building my custom bridal illustration business!)
Drawing, shading, and texturizing my subject with only pencil and using brushes and paints again has been like visiting an old friend I haven't seen in a decade. (I feel like I sound crazy, I realize this, but its true!)
So for the summer I've decided to keep this sketching momentum going by adding these sketches, starting with Brooklyn Ballerina to my etsy shop available as $6 mini prints. I think this will be a nice little summer project to reinvigorate me and the shop. Are you trying anything new for summer?