Bella Swan . . . a Bride!

As you know I love seeing actual designer sketches. I'm also a big reader and major movie goer. So when I discovered that InStyle magazine reached out to some of bridals best and asked the designers to sketch what they'd envision Bella Swan wearing when she walks down the isle to Edward Cullen, I was trilled to say the least! In Eclipse the dress is described as a early 1900s design of ivory lace that compliments the antique ring Edward gave her that belonged to his mother. (Remember Edward is about 100 years old)
I may have to revisit Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to read all the characters thoughts and reactions to her dress and come up with a design of my own. In the mean time though here are the sketches the designers have created. Although I love all the designers, I'm not sure I love the designs.
At least not for Bella Swans wedding to Edward Cullen! (Omg, I'm such a cheese ball! I know.) But what can I say, I'm such a girly girl. I have to admit it, I loved the Twilight books, and I am completely in love with Edward Cullen!!! (Yes mom, I know, he doesn't really exist. Blah, blah, blah. Just like you used to tell me about Dylan McKay. But a girl can dream can't she?)
Illustrations shown, top: Christian Siriano and Erin Fetherson
second: Monique Lhuillier and Badgely Mischka
third: Prabal Gurung and Lela Rose
bottom: Zac Posen and Max Azria

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Dean Stephen Davies said...

hey great blog! must agree with you on loving the designers but not these particular designs for bella, i'm a big fan (shame) of the twilight saga, and i don't see bella in any of these! keep up the good blogging

Brooke said...

Thanks Dean!

Yeah maybe a mix of the Monique Lhillier design and the Lela Rose design, but it would still need some tweaks for Bella. ;)