Fashionable Gifts

Over the past few weeks I've been hard at work illustrating and designing new products. I've been stocking up for the gift fairs I'm participating in, in addition to building up my shop inventory.
New to my collection are sets of flat note cards (shown above Carrie and Vogue). I love flat note cards, and have been using them for years. (Ever since Oprah and Bill Clinton discussed on air how important it is to write a thank you or correspondence note on one-single side of a card, just in case its ever framed. Who knows, maybe one day a note from me will be frame worthy!?!) In addition to the Oprah and Bill seal of approval I do feel its a very chic and sophisticated way to send a note.
I've also made new holiday cards, gift tags in different shapes and themes, as well as new magnets (shown below) featuring five of my most popular fashion illustrations. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you follow my work and are a Fabulous Doodles reader, but a custom illustration is out of your budget why not purchase some of these new little items from my shop, Brooklit.
If you're in the NY/NJ area come visit me at the two gift fairs I'm participating in (info here), both of which are free admission. There are more new items I'll be selling I just haven't had time to photograph them and put them online yet. Cheers!

5th Avenue Holiday Windows

Late friday night I wrangled two friends and strolled along 5th Avenue. It was the ideal November night to take in the holiday windows before the crazy crowds descend and the air gets bitter cold.
This years windows are so whimsical that I thought I would share a few of my pictures here since they could be an incredible source of inspiration for a illustrations, maybe even a whole collection. Bergdorf Goodman had the most elaborate windows of the night. The theme depicted throughout them is "Wish you Were Here" and features far-off fantasy scenes and creatures, like a knitted flying horse (shown above).
"The Moon" window was spectacular, and my favorite. It was a monochromatic color scheme (which I'm always drawn to) of icy blues and silvers. Each element glistened with layers of intricate detailing highlighted with Swarovski crystals. There were crocodiles, crystals, crowns and even a crane!
Bergdorfs has glamour and glitz, historical references and even some kitschy/campy oversized signs but they aren't the only store making a statement this holiday season.
Bendels (below) has displayed a pastel fairy-tale and the entire Fendi building is wrapped in two of their classic belts made of "dripping" icicle lights.
We did some window shopping, chowed down on street vender roasted nuts, gawked at the girls camped outside H&M waiting to be the first to get their hands on bargain Lavin, and even stumbled upon a Mariah Carey concert in Rockefeller Center. It was really a fun and spontaneous night that just may be the start of a new tradition.
For a visual history of Bergdorf windows you can pick up the new 17 pound Assouline book: Windows of Bergdorf Goodman for a mere $550! (here) The Saks windows are being unveiled tomorrow, should you be in the neighborhood I'm sure they'll be worth a stop. (Bloomingdales however, were terrible so don't bother!) Which stores have your favorite windows this season?

Holiday Gift Sales

This holiday season I'm participating in two charitable gift sales with my fashion illustrations! What's even more exciting is that both are free and open to the public.
To kick off Chanukah, on thursday Dec 2nd I will be at the Jewish Enrichment Center's holiday gift sale. Its an after work event, right here in Manhattan on West 13th Street. A percent of the proceeds of each item sold will go to the Birthright Israel Alumni Community. I've been working on new products and I plan to offer a wide selection of prints, cards, gift tags, bookmarks and pocket mirrors from my shop. (Just in case you need more incentive to stop by, there will be Chanukah latkes and wine!)
In addition to participating in the sale as a vendor, I was asked to design a few graphics for the website and newsletters. I went with a stack of gifts (shown above) and this couple shopping for the invite and website. (I tend to avoid drawing men but it was necessary here, so it didn't look like a girls night out event.)
The second sale I'm participating in is just across the Hudson. Holiday Expressions: An Evening of Art will be out in Rutherford New Jersey on December 9th. A portion of the proceeds from all the artwork sold will help support the Rutherford Food Bank and the Good Shepherd Church.

For details on the Dec. 2nd sale click here for the Jewish Enrichment Center, and for the Dec. 9th sale click here for the Holiday Expressions facebook page. Hope to see you there!

She's a Sketch

Living in Manhattan its hard to miss all the beautiful girls abound. Within the group, there are a select few that can only be described, at least to this fashion illustrator, as "A Sketch." Its girls who have that je ne sais quoi. A combination of the modelesque physique paired with a flawlessly chic fashion sense. Charlotte here, who I spotted in the Meatpacking District, is surely one of them!
Frequently I'm asked what inspires me. New York and more importantly, New Yorkers, always come to mind. (Here's a old post with some more.) So I've decided to share some of the girls here on Fabulous Doodles in a new feature called "She's a Sketch." I can't really take the credit for this one though. It was my good friend Renaldo whom I've featured here a few times before whom first coined the phrase. Years ago while strolling down the street with Ren, he elbowed me and pointed to a passerby saying "she's a sketch!" Ever since, we're constantly spotting "sketches." (Now I just need the confidence to approach em and ask to snap a pic!)