Custom Bridal Fashion Illustration {Wedding Gift}

Today on the first day of summer, or wedding season as I've come to know it, I'd like to share examples of my go-to wedding gift, an original custom bridal fashion illustration. The commonality that these brides share is that their custom sketches were all given as a wedding gift, plus I happen to know them each personally.
(Photo: Gulnara Studio. Gabrielle Bridal Illustration: Brooke Hagel)
The first blond bombshell here was given her custom bridal illustration as a surprise present from our mutual friend. The lace bustier and satin mermaid skirt is actually the first custom bride I've been commissioned to draw wearing separates and I think its such a striking look!
(Photo & Sari Bridal Illustration: Brooke Hagel)
The next bride is my beautiful bohemian cousin in a head-to-hem opened back lace gown. After attending her wedding last summer I couldn't wait to get work drawing her. The wow factor for me was her beautiful hair, which was worn in such a editorial/high-fashion style with a beaded headpiece and loose tendrils. She also carried a voluminous wild flower bouquet that I loved incorporating into the illustration, which normally I avoid, but this one just enhanced her whole boho bridal look.
(Ariel Bride Illustration: Brooke Hagel)
Last but not least is another friend that gifted the illustration as a wedding present. She however opted to give a gift certificate the day of the wedding (for a custom illustration) so I could then work directly with the bride throughout the design process. Her slinky silk gown with delicate floral embellishments was ideal for her long lean figure and the beach destination wedding.

To get started on a custom bridal illustration, read more about my process or to give one as a gift to a special bride in your life, check out the custom listings in Brooklit Bride or click here if you'd like to give a gift certificate for a custom illustration.

2012 Olympic Uniform Designs

The 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner, which means we'll soon be tuning in to see athletes from across the globe sporting new designer uniforms. A slew of top fashion designers have designed official team uniforms for the 2012 opening and closing ceremonies, Olympic village and the actual games. Through extensive research (aka. googling) I have found a few uniform sketches to share straight from the designers. First up is Team USA designed by none other than American designer Ralph Lauren. 
Lauren's team USA uniforms (shown in both images above) are classic RL, with clean cut polo's and preppy shirt dresses in white and navy blue with hints of red. Italian athletes will be decked out in much sportier head-to-toe looks from Prada (as shown below) and Giorgio Armani, who at the the reveal of his uniforms said "this will be the most fashion Olympic games ever."
In addition to Ralph, Prada and Armani, other designer uniforms we can expect to see at the London Olympics are by Stella McCartney for Great Britain, and Cedella Marley (daughter of Bob Marley) for Jamaica. (Fingers crossed they'll release their sketches as well! You know I love a designer sketch and its nice seeing rare men fashion illustrations.)

Brooklyn Ballerina Tote Bag

My Brooklit Shop now has its first tote bag featuring one of my favorite fashion illustrations, Brooklyn Ballerina alongside the quote "Dream until your dreams come true." I made the first one months ago for myself and pretty much use it daily. Many of my friends have requested one, and I've even been stopped on the street, in elevators and on the subway by people commenting on how cute it is and asking where they can get one! The Brooklyn Ballerina bag is now available in my shop and would make the perfect gift for any fashion loving graduate, friend making a big move or birthday gift for the hard to shop for green-girl.  (It also looks pretty cute just hanging around, as shown here on my vintage 1944 dress form!) Click here to purchase your own 100% cotton canvas Brooklit tote.

New Blo Girls

Last friday I took a little day trip to Connecticut to see my latest custom fashion illustrations blown up on canvas' at the grand opening of Blo Dry Bar West Hartford. It was so exciting to finally see them so large scale in person!
I was commissioned to illustrate two girls for the new Blo salon. The first (shown above) a trendy-chic girl mid "blo" greets clients near the front, her I had printed on a 4 foot tall canvas. For the second (shown below) I illustrated a traditional preppy Connecticut girl on to go, ala Charlotte York with a cable knit sweater, blo-pink Birkin and shopping bags in tow. She was printed on a whopping 6 foot tall canvas and makes quite an impact on the back washing station wall.
Even though I've worked with the Blo crew for a while now, illustrating their hair menu and their NYFW Barbie menu, the grand opening of Blo West Hartford was actually my first time in a Blo salon. Although Blo Dry Bar is the largest blowout chain in North American, there's still no Blo here in NY! (I was planning on sharing before and after shots but my curly-frizzed out before shot is just too embarrassing to publish.)
In addition to seeing my artwork adorning the walls, the grand opening of Blo West Hartford was a great event all around. There was lots of mingling between blowouts, sipping pink champage, munching on Blo cupcakes, diving into gift bags of goodies, and seeing my two favorite Blo girls, Hilary and Lizzie who flew in from Blo headquarters in Canada.

If you're in the West Harford Connecticut area definitely stop into Blo, check out my sketches and treat yourself to a fabulous blowout.

Colleen Atwood Costume Design {Snow White & the Huntsman}

This weekend I headed to the movies to see Snow White & the Huntsman. The film was ok, but the costumes, they were spectacular. Three-time Oscar winning costume designer Colleen Atwood truly transformed Charlize Theron into evil Queen Ravenna through the most avant-garde and medieval-haute-couture wardrobe I've ever seen. Shown above is Ravenna's caged collared wedding dress built from fabrics and findings from Paris and Italy and embroidered with leather to give it an edge. The costume design sketch of her rooster feathered gown and cloak cost an estimated $32,000 and two of them had to be made since one would be covered in oil. This was the very first piece Atwood designed for the film, to be used in teaser trailers where through the help of visual effects transformed into a flock of crows. The intricate detailing and beautifully rendered fabric make for quite an impressive costume sketch.

For more about Atwoods costume designs for Snow White & the Huntsman you can check out this Vanity Fair article and I highly recommend seeing the costumes in action. The queen's crowns and chainmail and spiked leather gowns are a sight to see. 

(Images: Universal Pictures, via Vanity Fair)