Fabulous Doodles' 4th Blogiversary

This past weekend marked four years of my little fashion illustration blog Fabulous Doodles! It's been a great year with many exciting new clients and experiences so what better time than now to look back and spotlight some of the years highlights (alongside a few Instagram memories.)
The biggest change of this year which brought about incredible opportunities was deciding to live-sketch at parties and events. After trying it out just once, and featuring the sketches here on Fabulous Doodles, I was approached by Director of Events for Vogue Magazine, Anne Vincent! As a life-long fashion nerd, walking into the Vogue offices, portfolio in hand that first time was a surreal experience.  Even though I was a nervous reck our meeting went great, my portfolio and resume were a hit, and I booked my first Vogue job for two weeks later. I live-sketched for Vogue at the opening party of the very first Piperlime store.
Since that first illustrating job with Vogue, over the past 8 months I've been rehired to illustrate at a handful of Vogue events, sketch for their partners, attend parties, make custom stationary for Vogue staffers and had countless introductions to editors, designers, and stylists. It's been incredible working with the team from Vogue this year and knowing that I have the support and encouragement of such an iconic and influential fashion powerhouse has been extraordinary.

The next highlight of this year is one actually not featured on Fabulous Doodles but instead one that it led to. Months ago after learning of everything I was working on via Fabulous Doodles an old FIT professor and friend recommended me for a highly coveted illustration position. I was called in for an interview to be in-house illustrator for Ralph Lauren Collection! Not for Polo, not Chaps, not Rugby, not Lauren, but the creme de la creme, Ralph Lauren Collection! This meeting unfortunately didn't go as well since I didn't get the job but it was such an honor to even be considered and meet with the head designers. I now truly get it when actors say "it's an honor just to be nominated," because thats exactly how I felt simply being considered and called into the Ralph Lauren Collection offices.
Working on Sociologie Wines featuring a different stylized sketch of mine on each wine bottle has been so gratifying and I'm thrilled with the final product. The feedback from friends, family and Fabulous Doodles readers both in person and on my social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) was overwhelming, and its something I'm really looking forward to working on more as the line expands.

Next up is my collaboration with the fashion director of Quest Magazine, which resulted in a whopping 6 page spread of my fashion illustrations. I've had editorial features before but nothing that even compared to the 6 full pages in Quest's 2013 Spring Style issue.

The next one is another biggie, something to actually cross off my childhood "bucket list." I've illustrated not one but two books this year! I worked with Capstone Publishing illustrating two fashion illustration tutorial books for the tween market: Fun Fashions You Can Sketch, Girly Girl Style and Harajuku Style. It was a long process and very challenging at times but I can now say my name appears in the Library of Congress! I've also just polished off the illustrations on a third book, which hopefully will be released later this year.
For years I've followed the work of sweets stylist Amy Atlas. After meeting at a cocktail party, Amy reached out commissioning me to illustrate some dessert bar concepts for her segments on the Today Show and Access Hollywood. I've also assisted from time to time, co-crafting, setting up and styling alongside Amy and her partner in sweets Lisa. Styling is something I used to do a great deal of in my previous position before taking on illustrating full-time and its so great to be able to go back to it from time to time, especially with such a talented duo.

Last but certainly not least of the highlights of this year is illustrating for InStyle and Gap. I've been a Gap girl for as long as I can remember and InStyle was my go to magazine for years so this was another dream job/pinch-me moment and something I was thrilled to add to my portfolio.

It has been a monumental year for my illustration career and I can hardly believe starting this fashion illustration blog four years ago has led me to such wonderful opportunities. Heres hoping year five of Fabulous Doodles will be continued success, recognition, and more pinch-me moments.

(Photos and sketches: Brooke Hagel @Brooklit)

Anthropologie Peter Som Collaboration

Since I love a designer sketch I was thrilled to find in my inbox the latest Anthropologie newsletter featuring these fabulous doodles by designer Peter Som. Som has teamed up with Anthro for this fun collaboration and they've chosen to highlight his lifelong love of sketching into the announcement. Som's sketches are charmingly playful and clearly reflect the garment designs while remaining fairly stylized, clean and simple.
Being a fan of Peter Som and a loyal customer of Anthropologie I'm really looking forward to seeing this collection in person."There'e a mutual love of print and pattern and color. What they really do is make happy cloths, and thats what I do too." -Peter Som 

(Illustrations by Peter Som, Photos by Anthropologie)

Quest Magazine Fashion Illustration Editorial

I'm so excited to share this six page fashion illustration editorial spread from Quest, New York's society magazine, Spring Style Issue. I met Quest's fabulous Fashion Director Daniel Cappello a few months ago at a Vogue cocktail party and was thrilled weeks later when he reached out asking if I'd be interested in contributing custom sketches for the style issue.
Daniel came up with the idea of featuring a handful of New York's leading ladies in stand out designer looks from the spring 2013 collections that would suit each of them and their style. Daniel picked a few options for each and I chose from the bunch which designs were most "sketch worthy." First (shown above) is Hilary Geary Ross in a lavish Oscar de la Renta ensemble beside Lauren Bush Lauren in a stunning red georgette evening gown of cascading ruffles by Ralph Lauren Collection. I have to admit, I am not a red fan normally but this was the most enjoyable look to illustrate and I'm really thrilled with the outcome.
The next grouping of illustrations starts with Carolina Herrera in Carolina Herrera of course. This gold and ivory baroque-lame gown was another favorite to illustrate with her signature up-do and elegant gown detailing. (I actually had the pleasure of meeting Carolina years ago at a party and she was incredibly graceful and striking in person.) Next, icon Lee Radziwell in a modern white Calvin Klein Collection suit. Then the lovely Aerin Lauder in a leather Fendi color blocked top and skirt with Hermes heels, and Amanda Burden in chic monochromatic Tom Ford.
The last two, a somewhat unique pairing, starts with the statuesque Julia Koch whom I've also seen before in person, at opening night of the ballet. For Julia we chose this gorgeous green silk Gucci gown, with a high neckline and billowing flounce alongside the legendary Iris Apfel in her trademark oversized glasses wearing a graphic flower printed Prada fur. I was a little nervous to tackle Iris' sketch, as its challenging to draw mature women, plus I'm such a fan of hers I didn't want to disappoint! But I think they both came out well and I love the pairing of the two beside one another.
Here are some preliminary pencil sketches, or "base sketches," so you can see the progression of how I start out sketching compared to the finished colored rendering. I apologize they're a little light, its hard to pick up on faint pencil lines with scanners and cameras but its always nice to compare a before and after. You can also check out some photos of the women and the collections as seen on the runway on my "Project Q" Pinterest board.

It is such an honor to be included in Quest's spring style issue and to have six full pages of my sketches of these strong women is something I'm truly proud of. You can take a closer look at the spread in Quests digital issue here (on pages 106-111 of the March issue) as unfortunately it's not on newsstands anymore since I'm a little tardy with this post! I was traveling when the issue came out and although I tweeted, facebooked and instagramed about it, the Fabulous Doodles post got put on the back burner.

Party Guest Fashion Illustrations (Vogue Magazine & Nexxus)

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of working with Vogue Magazine again live sketching party guests for a three days at a pop-up shop event they hosted introducing the newest Nexxus haircare collection, Nexxus Youth Renewal.
Guests were treated to blowouts and hairstyling, then once they were beautified sat down to model for a custom fashion illustration. Throughout the three days I shared via Twitter and Instagram a bunch of the sketches and photos of guests showing off their illustrations fresh from my sketchpad, but since it was such a long event and I had so many I'm spotlighting more of my favorites here on Fabulous Doodles. The spot I was stationed to draw at was a little dark at times so the photo's didn't all turn out so well, but I've lightened them up in photoshop and hopefully you can get the gist.
This event attracted a wide array of chic party guests including Vogue staffers, fashion designers (remember the Monika Chiang post,) fashion bloggers, models, and stylists including Phillip Bloch, (shown below) with his custom fashion illustration. This was such a fun event to be a part of, and for a truly fantastic line that I've actually been using on my hair ever since.
Later in the week I'll share more sketches and photos from the event since there were too many to condense into this one post. For now though I have to pack up all my supplies and prep because tonight I'm working with the amazing team from Vogue again! This time I'll be live-sketching at a much smaller cocktail party for their Vogue Blogger Network. Since you can always count of fashion bloggers to be sketchably chic I'm sure this event will result in many Fabulous Doodles worthy new illustrations as well, so stay tuned!

For rates to have me sketch at your event you can email me at FabulousDoodles@gmail.com.
(All images and illustrations: Brooke Hagel)

Costume Design: The Great Gatsby

As if I wasn't excited enough for Baz Luhrmann's take on The Great Gatsby, after seeing these costume design sketches, friday can't come soon enough. For the women of Gatsby, Luhrmann and costume designer Catherine Martin collaborated with Miuccia Prada to reinterpret looks from past Miu Miu and Prada collections in 40 stunning cocktail and evening dress designs. (Some may even be memorable, like this Miu Miu beaded sheath I sketched of Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes, shown below in slate blue.) I love how the illustrator chose to only render the costumes in color and leave the figures white, similar to my Sociologie wine sketches. These beautiful dresses combined with other wardrobe collaborations including Tiffany jewels and Brooks Brothers suiting will surely make for a stunning film.
On a personal note, I've always had a love of Gatsby. Actually, I grew up in the town on the north shore of Long Island where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby, which in the book is referred to as "East Egg." It was always an exciting element of my hometown's history. In high school we were even offered extra credit for giving the address of the "the Gatsby House" in English class. (Thank you Mrs. Aufses!) Walking around the city these past few weeks and seeing all the Gatsby themed windows, tv promos, and now these wonderful costume design sketches, has gotten me so excited for the new Gatsby! What are you most looking forward to you in the new Gatsby?

Best Dressed: Met Ball 2013

Last night was the fashion event of the year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's annual Met Ball. For this years gala stars and designers rocked their "punk"-themed best to celebrate the Met's newest exhibit PUNK: Chaos to Couture.
(Donna Karen Atelier sketch, Hailee Steinfeld in Donna Karen Atelier) 
There were so many showstoppers it was difficult to pick favorites but in the end its those that really embraced the theme and rocked out fabulous punk-couture who really nailed it. First up (shown above) is sixteen year old Hailee Steinfeld in Donna Karen Atelier alongside an adorable sketch of her in the dress (that DKNY tweeted earlier.) At first glance the dress looks sophisticated and pretty, but then up close you see that what appears to be a floral mum pattern is actually safety pins hand stitched to a cream leather dress! Its such a genius sophisticated/edgy look thats absolutely perfect for this event.  
(Kate Mara in Delpozo, Julianne Hough in custom Topshop, Blake Lively in Gucci, Chanel Iman in J Mendel, and Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon and Philip Treacy.) 
The safety pinned Donna Karen wasn't the only hit of the night though. Kate Mara in Delpozo was absolute perfection in an oxblood colored dress with a unique jeweled bodice and molded peplum. Julianne Hough's beautiful etherial custom Topshop gown was perfect on her tiny frame and the tulle fabric was actually embroidered with a delicate spider web pattern throughout. Blake Lively was jaw-droppingly glamorous in a heavily embellished pale green and black strapless Gucci Premiere gown. I rarely meet a stripe I don't like and Chanel Iman in this black and white striped J Mendel dress was a stunner, and very punk meets red carpet. And last but certainly not least is the amazing SJP in a Giles Deacon gown and Philip Treacy punk couture custom mowhawk headpiece. Its one of those looks that really only SJP channeling her inner Carrie could not only pull off but completely rock. I know there were a lot of haters on this one, but I have to say I really loved it! It was the right place, right time, and right mowhawk! 

Unfortunately I didn't make it to ball (one day, fingers crossed!!) but you better believe I'll be checking out this exhibit. The Costume Institute's PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit examining punk's impact on high fashion will be on display starting today through August 14, 2013.  

Custom Illustration, Monika Chiang

A few weeks ago I stopped by Conde Nast to catch up with some of my favorite Vogue girls and chat about a couple of future projects. Needless to say sitting in the Vogue lobby always provides for amazing fashion and people watching but on this day I couldn't help but be a little star struck by the gorgeous designer Monika Chiang who was there presenting pieces from her latest collection to some of the Vogue editors.
After a few minutes I went inside and left the lobby but Monika's look was etched in my head. When I got home later that night I had to test out my markers on Vogue embossed paper to possibly use it for a future live sketching event and I decided who better to draw on my little "test sheet" then the chic Monika Chiang. Well, I whipped up a quickie sketch of Monika, sent a photo (shown above) off to Vogue, and they in turn forwarded it along to Monika's team!
Then last week I live-sketched at a 3 day event for Vogue and Nexxus (more about that next week) and Monika came to the opening night party where I surprised her with the original sketch! She was so sweet, and seemed to really love her custom fashion illustration. Monika's so sketchably chic, this may just be the first of many!