Team USA Closing Ceremony Designs by Ralph Lauren | PyeongChang

Here's a fun fashion illustration sneak peek of the Ralph Lauren designs Team USA will be wearing at tonights closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. If you've been a long time reader of Fabulous Doodles you know I'm huge fan of illustrations from Ralph Lauren design team and this powerful pair are no different. The sketches convey movement and texture and are just the right amount of unfinished to look professional with a stylized and artsy air to them. I'm excited to see them come to life on the athletes tonight!

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NYDJ Curves Launch | Custom Illustrations

Fashion week kicked off for me by drawing over 30 custom fashion illustrations of influencers and models for the launch NYDJ's new Curves 360 collection in Los Angeles and New York. Guests were invited to preview of the collection at a brunch where my custom sketches were used as a custom place cards/gifts. I drew the illustrations prior the events digitally (on the iPad Pro in Pro Create app,) which if you've followed me a while you know is not my norm for custom projects such as this but it fit the bill for this concept. To highlight the new denim collection we decided to render only the jeans in full color with the rest of the illustration drawn as a black line drawing. I also wrote each guests name beside her sketch in the same pale pink as the NYDJ logo.
Being a curvy girl myself it was truly a fun project to work on, and I have to say I love the collection! Clients often gift me clothing and products to wear to events and represent the brands I'm illustrating for but being plus size its not usual that they even offer my size so I typically have to settle for accessories. These jeans however are available in sizes 00-28, fit me like a glove and honestly couldn't be more comfortable!

And I think I'm not alone in feeling this way. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the events due to a family loss but the outpouring of social media love and mentions was incredible. Everyone seemed to love their new NYDJ jeans and my custom sketches of them in them! 

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Featured by Moo: Inspiring Fashion Illustrator

I'm excited to share an interview and photoshoot I did with Moo, the company I have used to print my business cards and paper products for years! Moo sent a photographer from the UK to New York to photograph and interview me in my studio for their "Moosletter" and blog a few months ago. The feature has finally come out and the feedback from readers has truly been overwhelming filling my Instagram dms and email inbox with the loveliest notes from aspiring fashion illustrators and artists who've found my story to be inspiring. I have to admit it was nerve racking having someone photograph me in my studio but the feedback had been so heart warming and I hope to start sharing more of my studio and work life with you.
Being able to print a variety of my illustrations within one order of business cards and always have a "mini portfolio" on hand has been invaluable to me as a freelance artist. If you've yet to try Moo you can receive 20% off your first order with my friend referral link. In all honestly I couldn't recommend their products more. The luxe business cards are my personal favorite but I print my illustrations on their note cards, postcards, mini cards, and stickers.
Thank you for reading and encouraging me on this journey as a freelance fashion illustrator, and thank you Moo for the fabulous feature! I'm in seventh heaven to be highlighted by a brand I truly admire and have been a client of for years.

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Royal-ish Wedding | Pippa Middleton Bridal Sketch

Todays breaking news of the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has me so excited that I took a look back at my past royal wedding inspired sketches and realized I've yet to share the sketch I did of royal-ish bride Pippa Middleton here on Fabulous Doodles. I drew this custom illustration back on her wedding day in May of this year. Sketched on the iPad with an Apple Pencil, which is not traditionally the medium I use for bridal sketches but I wanted to try something different. I used a pink base and drew her with predominantly white tools for a more stylized custom illustration look. I shared it on social and it was immediately picked up by other outlets, regramming and even published by Hello Magazine in an article titles Pippa Middleston and Kate Inspire Stunning Wedding Sketches!
This gown was quite the departure from the formfitting gown she wore as Maid of Honor for Will and Kate's wedding but of corse it suited her beautifully. Giles Deacon designed Pippa's sophisticated lace dress and I enjoyed putting my spin on the look. I can't wait to see and sketch what Meghan Markle wears to walk down the aisle to her prince!

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Chanel Custom Fashion Illustrations

Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chanel, a brand that has been at the top of my fashion illustration client-wish-list for years. The Chanel team reached out to to me as they were planning something special for their Fine Jewelry VIP clients for Mother's Day. They invited top clients, along with their mothers and daughters, to view the new collection and choose favorite pieces. I then live-sketched custom fashion illustrations of them wearing their chosen Chanel pieces. 

It was an invigorating day of back to back appointments meeting and drawing some lovely ladies. The highlight, and what made this day truly memorable, was one adorable little girl, Catherine (atop this post,) who was all dressed up especially for the occasion and was nothing short of mesmerized by my sketching. Long after her custom illustration was complete she stood by my side intensely watching me draw until her parents told her it was to time to go and she gave me a big parting hug. Later that night her father emailed me saying "she's had her pencils out all day, and I'm an inspiration." All in all live-sketching for custom mother-daughter fashion illustrations for Chanel was truly a pinch-me project. 

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Bridal Fashion Illustration Gifts

Time to share a new batch of custom bridal fashion illustrations! Featured in this post one bridal sketch was commissioned by the bride herself, another was given as a wedding gift and the third was a one year anniversary gift from the groom to his bride. (FYI: the traditional one year gift is "paper," so a custom illustration fits the bill perfectly!) 

Ballgowns have always topped my list of favorite silhouettes to render and I especially loved Sara's vintage gown (shown above.) Photographs showed her lifting her skirt and tossing her long bouncing hair, which really reminded me of Belle and made the sketch have an overall Disney princess feel, in the best possible way! With Sean's illustration (shown below) it was all about showing off the favorite feature of her dress, the dramatic low cut lace back. To highlight this feature I went with a flirty pose, drawing her glancing over one shoulder which was a fun change from the traditional bridal illustration.
And last but certainly not least is Caity (shown above) who wore an intricate lace bodice with a sweetheart neckline, dainty embellished belt and full skirt of soft etherial layers of chiffon. All three of these bridal illustrations were a pleasant change and so enjoyable to work on. I'm currently accepting bridal commissions through my two Etsy shops Brooklit and Brooklit Bride as well as IfOnly

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