Party Sketching Golden Portraits for La Prairie

Today I'm sharing custom painted golden portraits of beauty editors I created for luxury skincare brand La Prairie at a private press preview party for their new products due out in February. The brand requested I work only in gold and custom illustrate only profiles. Painting solely in gold was a unique request, and it took a few trips to the art store to settle on the right mediums to achieve various effects and looks I was after to render highlights and shadows in all one cohesive color. It took a few tries to find what worked but in the end I found the right golden portrait formula. I really enjoying experimenting with new mediums and techniques, and dabbling with mixtures of gold acrylic paint, gouache, ink, pastel, brush paint pens and pencil to successfully render golden profile portraits that reflected La Prairies new "endless radiance" product.
La Prairies new product being launched contained gold so it was only natural the event was held at "golden hour" atop the Hugo Hotel with views of the Manhattan sunset. It was also the perfect event for my new luxe desk accessories! I recently received the most gorgeous Addison Weeks brass and moonstone cup (show above) as a gift which was perfect to hold and display my bevy of brushes. I scoured Etsy for new business card holders to compliment my brass and stone beauty and found a great shop of handmade stone objects created by a kitchen fabricator in California saving smaller unwanted pieces. He took my request for white marble and made me a long card holder of Carrara marble. It displays three cards at once so guests could see an assortment and choose their favorite. I couldn't be happier with how my new presentation pieces came together and complimented this event and venue.  
I custom sketch at parties and events quite often but this one was unique with the clients request of rendering in only gold and profiles, and to be honest I was a little nervous. But its important to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. As usual this event went really well and both I, the client, and all the beauty editors I live sketched were happy with the radiant results.

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Boston Bound for Brooks Brothers

Today I'm Boston bound to live-sketch custom fashion illustrations at Brooks Brothers annual soirée benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I'm looking forward to not only to meeting and sketching all the preppy and posh Brooks Brothers guests, but also to help raise money for such a great cause. It'll be my first visit to Boston, and I'm excited to sketching at Brooks Brothers famed Newbury Street store. A few weeks ago I illustrated a look from their recent womens collection for the invitation (also shared a sneak peek on Instagram) of a woman in a beautiful black shearling coat atop a silk dress adorned with a floral engineered print. They then took part of the floral print I rendered on the dress and used it as a decorative frame on the inside of the invitation, and I'm so pleased with how it came out!
If you're in Boston, I would love to extend the invitation to you. Below is all the information, including the RSVP.  25% of the evenings proceeds will be donated to BCRF, so you can shop while benefitting a great cause. Hope to see some of you there:

Thursday, October 22nd
6PM to 8PM 

Brooks Brothers 
46 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116


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Last Stop, Charlotte | Vogue x Clinique

This Friday is my the last live-sketching event for this years Vogue x Clinique tour! I'll be down in Charlotte, North Carolina and I'm hoping to see and sketch some fashionable southern belles! In addition to this being my first time in Charlotte, its also my first time sketching at a Belk, which I'm excited about. Come by to just say hi, receive a fall trend review with a Vogue Stylist, a skin consultation, and get sketched by yours truly. Once again, we'll be turning the custom fashion illustrations into smartphone covers or you can pick from of my pre-printed designs, one of which is shown here on the invitation.

October 16, 2016
Belk SouthPark, Clinique
4400 Sharon Road. 
RSVP: 704.364.4251 Ext. 267

Make sure to RSVP and reserve your spot! And if you can't make it, be sure and follow me along on Instagram for  some snaps and sketches from the soiree!

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Shiseido Beauty Illustrations

I teamed up with Shiseido to create custom illustrations for "Light My Story," Shiseido's social media campaign. The concept was over a few months to share the Shiseido story through illustrations, photos and art by various luminaries and in return have people share moments from their lives, and they're stories. Shiseido is 140 year old company, with quite a rich history and scope. The theme of the illustrations I was asked to create were: behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week (show above,) a woman accessorizing with her pearls and pearl infused face cream, a chemist mixing new products, and a woman being pampered with a Shiseido facial.
The intention behind the woman depicted within this set of illustrations was to have her ethnicity appear to be half Caucasian and half Japanese as Shisedio is a Japanese brand rich in Japanese traditions. She's to reflect a strong, healthy, traditional and beautiful woman, not overly trendy or made up. I even had to remove some accessories and makeup from the sketches throughout the sketch phase of the custom illustration process.
Over the past few weeks these illustrations have been shared by Shiseido and today was the final one, the chemist (shown below.) It was a unique project to work on and I really enjoyed learning about their brand and trying some of their incredible products. I now use one daily actually, the Power Infusing Concentrate Serum. Its one step in the many steps of the Shiseido facial process (shown above,) which layers products and steps similar to a Japanese tea ceremony.
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Illustrated Phone Cases Benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'm thrilled that three of my illustrated phone cases have been selected for Casetify's Pretty in Pink collection in which 30% of the cost of each phone cover will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The first pretty in pink design chosen from my phone shop is Reiley (shown above.) She's pretty and polished in oversized sunnies, a pale pink top, and a bold dalmatian printed skirt. I love the way this illustration looks with its clear backing against the new rose gold iPhones!
Charlotte (shown above) looking up in her tortoiseshell sunnies and loose pink maxi dress is the other fashion illustration case chosen for Breast Cancer Awareness month. And my Kiss Kiss design of lip prints (shown below.) This pattern was originally designed for a Vogue promotion I worked on last year. Since the design was so popular when that project ended I added it to the shop since everyone could use a few kisses in their day!

All three designs can be purchased for any phone model, not only iPhones and are available in any phone case design (with bumpers, without, simple snap-on, etc.) With all three of these designs 30% of the purchase will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation throughout this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hope you like my "pretty in pink" designs and hope to see plenty of photos of you sharing your purchase on social! My instagram is @brooklit and I can't tell you how much I LOVE seeing my #FabulousDoodles phone cases tagged within your pretty pix! I even on occasion regram them!  
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Stylus Sketching with Samsung & Macys

Today I'm sharing a few sketches I drew with Samsung's latest Galaxy tablet and stylus. I was asked to live-sketch at Macy's Fashion Front Row after party with Samsung for the last day of New York Fashion Week. I stylus-sketched for Samsung once before, also for NYFW, but it was a while ago and I hadn't done it since. Digital sketching, for me, is nerve racking as I'm a pencil-to-paper kind of girl. Luckily Samsung sent me a tablet prior to the party so I had a few days to familiarize myself with the stylus and drawing apps again. Shown here are some of the illustrations I created as practice, the first attempt being the one atop this post. It may look nice but I have to admit it took a long time and many, many touch ups. It's challenging to try and create illustrative effects you know how to do so effortlessly with actual art supplies, paint and markers when only using a single stylus and tablet but after some practice I got the hang of it...with a few hiccups. One feature I loved discovering was that one of the color libraries within it was by Copic Markers. So I was able to pick my favorite go-to marker colors for skin and hair. 
As I became more comfortable I decided to try and sketch from actual people and photos. The illustration above left is based off a photo of model Gigi Hadid and the coral crop top and full skirt look is inspired this look from Banana Republic's spring 16' collection. Just like last time, once I seemed to be getting the hang of using it it was time to give my Samsung Galaxy back. I may have to take the plunge and invest in one for myself, as it was a fun medium to draw in and I'd really like to experiment with it some more. 

The Macy's Front Row fashion show airs tonight on E! so check your local listing and check it out! I Sketched a few famous faces from the show and will share those soon!