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Braid Bar Style Illustrations for DreamDry & Teen Vogue

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Teen Vogue for their 2013 Fashion University weekend here in New York. A highlight of this Teen Vogue project was collaborating with Rachel Zoe's DreamDry team to create sketches for the DreamDry "Braid Bar" hair style menu.
I've selected a few of my favorite hair illustrations from the Teen Vogue Fashion U braid bar to spotlight, the first up (shown above) is my interpretation of DreamDry's soft and romantic waterfall braid, "The Juliette." To best illustrate the details of this braid I went with a profile pose. Next is the classic braid which can be styled perfectly neat or purposely messy and worn back or to the side. I opted to sketch a brunette side braid (with Catching Fire coming out soon and Katniss Everdeen on the mind!) it seemed the ideal choice.
Last but not least (shown below) of my favorite sketches from the DreamDry Teen Vogue style menu is the ultimate crown braid,  "The Bianca." This style is classic bohemian chic perfected for day or night. For her I went with a classic brown eyed beauty with strong facial lines to compliment the symmetrical undo.
I always enjoy working beauty focused head shots and hair sketches but as a Rachel Zoe fan illustrating this style menu for DreamDry was a bit of a dream. (I even mentioned in a print interview years and years ago that a goal was to sketch for those I admire, and named RZ!) Be sure to check back soon for more fashion illustrations from my Teen Vogue Fashion U weekend!