Project We Do

For the past 2 months I've been involved in an exciting new project called Project We Do (I actually came up with the name that the committee ended up choosing as the one!) What we're doing is bringing the community together to throw a wedding for very deserving couple who couldn't otherwise afford to have one. The Rabbi says that it's the biggest mitzvah (good deed) you could do, helping to bring a couple to the chuppah (wedding canopy).

For the site I illustrated a bride, groom, and chuppah which the website designer applied to the page as an animated element using flash. I also drew these fun little icons to be used on each page of the site. It's been a really successful collaboration working on designing this website and from the way things are going, and all the donations rolling in, it looks as if this wedding will be a memorable one.

We're still working on the site and will be adding to it daily. Just this past thursday we shot the first "webisode" to document our planning. As one of the head planners I'm co-writing the Planner Blog, so you can check in to read about our progress (here) and even weigh in by voting on different elements of the wedding. As I'm single, and haven't actually planned a wedding for myself yet, I'm really enjoying this project!

Tell me about it, stud.

I'm not normally a trendoid, but I'm so loving that the biker look is in now. I've always loved strong juxtaposition in fashion, especially when mixing ultra feminine soft pieces with hard edgy ones. A few years ago I found a distressed white leather collar covered in silver pyramid studs in a thrift store in Notting Hill, London. I had to have it, although when buying it I didn't know what I would do with it. I don't have a dog, and I'm not exactly the downtown punk type! When I got home I found the perfect place for it; around the neck of my favorite big brown teddy bear. So redic, I know, but I love that he's this big soft and cuddly bear wearing a hard leather studded collar. (I would take a picture to share with you but my camera broke 2 days ago, so I had to send it out.) Anyway, that being said, tonight I decided to draw this girl wearing a chunky knit scarf paired with a stud detail top.
I've recently been thinking about adding some backgrounds to my work, so I tried it out here. I drew a studded pattern and photoshopped it on in there. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, if I'll add it my etsy shop or not, but I thought I'd share it here and maybe get some feedback from you. Background, yay or or nay? If you do decide to leave feedback, how about taking a stab at where this post title comes from too! ;)

Calling all fans

I finally made a Facebook fan page, now I just need some fans! Click here to become a fan, view photo albums of my work or to simply say hi. (I've been working on a little re-branding here, this Brooke Hagel logo for the fan page is the first design to go live. Hope you like it!)
The illustration above is one I drew for the Material Girls page so that fans could "find them" on Facebook. They asked for a head-shot of the same Marie Antoinette character I drew in their headers, looking through a pair of vintage opera glasses. (She makes me want to layer on the jewels and find a pair of white gloves!)

Walk like (or Dress like) an Egyptian

Whenever I sit at my desk and my iphoto screen saver comes on I never know what photo's will pop up. Today it was my Egypt album. This past July I traveled with 5 friends to Egypt. I took tons and tons of pictures (1006 to be exact) because really, who knows if I'll ever be in Egypt again. I decided to do this illustration inspired by the art work and craftsmanship that I saw there. As a long time student of art history it was amazing to be there, in Egypt. I stood in the middle of a nobleman's tomb, in the desert, with room after room of the real hieroglyphics I studied throughout the years. To see it, and touch it (shhh don't tell!), while standing in Egypt and not in a I had "a moment." Paired with the pyramids, King Tut, the mummies, and 5 great friends it's a trip I won't soon forget.

How fab would it be to be invited to the Met Costume Institute for a Halloween Ball looking like this? Ahh one day perhaps.

Ciao for Now Fashion Week

Until we meet again, here's a final posting of fashion illustrations from Fashion Week SS 2010 collections.
Illustrations from: Tibi, DKNY, and Lela Rose

Fashion Bloggers Unite

I'm pretty new to blogging (and a new member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers) so this was my first IFB event. People were in town for Fashion Week so it was the perfect time for IFB members to get together and have a party. Actually it was a "Dress-up Soiree." It's so nice to meet other fashion bloggers and hear about what people are working on. I had a great time, got a great little swag bag, and am looking forward to next time.
Pictured above: the stylish boys of, Karen Blanchard of WhereDidUGetThat and I, and a few other fashion bloggers I just had to photograph on my way out. (Didn't get their cards, sorry)

Feeling Blue

Here are some more great designer sketches from the SS 2010 collections currently showing at Fashion Week. It's so interesting to see the various styles and drawing techniques and how they relate to each brands esthetic.
From top to bottom; Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Harve Leger by Max Azria, and Ralph Lauren.

Fashion Week Spring 2010 Collections

It's that time of year, Fashion Week is upon us. The shows are amazing, the parties are crazy, the models seem to be everywhere, but my favorite element of Fashion Week is getting to see the designers illustrations, of corse. Here are a few of my favorite sketches from this season's collections.

I LOVE the Halston sketch shown above! I once did a similar effect in a jewelry photoshoot I was art directing. It's such a sophisticated look and really puts the attention right where it should be, on the product.

Donna Karan and Max Azria have been two of my long time favorites. I love the effect of the paint on the Donna sketch, and the fine work pen used in Max's drawing, simple but to the point.
I absolutely loved As Four and still love them now that they're Three As Four. My favorite bag of my collection is As Four. It's their classic circle bag in gold leather. Only the true fashion folk out there identify it. The last time I wore it actress Finola Hughes commented to me "don't you just love them"! Yes I do, and I loved it even more that at that party only she and I knew about geniuses behind my fabulous bag.

1st FNO

Last thursday was the first, in what I assume will be an annual event for years to come, Fashion's Night Out. I had plans for the night and wasn't really planning on going (was co-hosting a dinner party for 55 people the next evening and needed to start setting up at 10pm!) But when WWD started tweating about the events going on and designers and celebs who were out and about I had to check it out. I called my friend Sharon and convinced her to get off the couch and quickly head across town with me. Within about half an hour I was on Madison Ave sipping a cocktail at Missoni, gawking over the flawless Carolina Herrera in her boutique, spotting Molly Sims strutting up the street in killer six inch heels and Roberto Cavalli chatting curbside with Andreas Pachelli! Hope you enjoy my pix. Next time I'll plan ahead and be camera ready to hop in there too, cause my ensemble was definitely not up to par for this fabulousness!


Just one month after legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent passed away last summer I visited the Montreal Museum on Fine Arts where I got to see the first retrospective of his work spanning over 40 years. The exhibition that opened 2 days prior to his death included 135 of his creations on mannequins, original drawings, sketchbooks and videos. It was stunning.

Here are two postcards of his sketches that I bought as souvenirs. I love collecting designer's illustrations.

Peg People

For the past few weeks I've been working on a new project. Part of this project is to come up with illustrations to be used as graphics for a website. (The site has not gone live yet, but I will share it with you once it does.) My little bride and groom couple shown here got nixed by the committee, so I figured I'd post them here and share them with you. Cute right?

I was inspired by the custom cake toppers of Goose Grease. A few months ago I came across the Goose Grease booth at the Renegade Craft Fair and bought a blank set to paint myself for a wedding I'm in next September. (I know what her dress looks like after a fun trip to Klienfeld's, now I'm waiting on him to decide upon his look and I can start painting!)

Labor Day delights

I hope everyone's enjoying this beautiful long weekend. In addition to lounging by the water and enjoying some good old barbecue goodness, don't forget to take advantage of all the huge holiday weekend sales! (like Rose here did!)

MAD about Etsy labs!

I can't believe I hadn't been to this museum before now. (well I have been in the gift shop, but I don't think that counts) I live pretty close, on the upper west side, and for years I passed through Columbus Circle on my way to and from work, watching the complete transformation of this building remodel.

Last week I was invited to join two friends in Columbus Circle to visit The Museum of Art and Design, MAD. A wine and h'orderve cocktail party on the 7th floor, an "Etsy lab" night on the 6th floor, and thursdays are pay what you wish night! Doesn't get much better than than right.

We had such a great time. It's an amazing building with fantastic exhibitions of ceramics, glass and jewelry. We took a little tour, watched a video, browsed the collection and attended the Etsy class. Etsy had a series of classes at MAD all summer long called DIY Thursday's. (I wish I knew sooner, cause it really was a fun night. But this was the last one.)

We were taught how to use paper quilting techniques to make vinyl coasters. The coaster I made is shown in the middle picture. It kind of looks like I was inspired by the museum's architecture. ;) We were taught by artist Aaron Mcintosh, who comes from a quilting background, earned his BFA in fibers and is currently finishing his MFA. (I don't think he was liking us too much though, he referred to us as "the rowdy table"! Some things never change I guess.)

Wedding Gift Ideas

I just found out that my Rebecca print is featured in Etsy's "Wedding Gift Ideas" gift guide! I've been a proud seller on Etsy for 2 years and 5 months and have finally made it to the Gift Guide. And as if it couldn't get any better, I'm the first listing in the group, so when the "wedding gift ideas" guide pops up on the Etsy home page, my illustration is there! I'd like to send a BIG thank you to the Etsy staffers for this one. :)