MAD about Etsy labs!

I can't believe I hadn't been to this museum before now. (well I have been in the gift shop, but I don't think that counts) I live pretty close, on the upper west side, and for years I passed through Columbus Circle on my way to and from work, watching the complete transformation of this building remodel.

Last week I was invited to join two friends in Columbus Circle to visit The Museum of Art and Design, MAD. A wine and h'orderve cocktail party on the 7th floor, an "Etsy lab" night on the 6th floor, and thursdays are pay what you wish night! Doesn't get much better than than right.

We had such a great time. It's an amazing building with fantastic exhibitions of ceramics, glass and jewelry. We took a little tour, watched a video, browsed the collection and attended the Etsy class. Etsy had a series of classes at MAD all summer long called DIY Thursday's. (I wish I knew sooner, cause it really was a fun night. But this was the last one.)

We were taught how to use paper quilting techniques to make vinyl coasters. The coaster I made is shown in the middle picture. It kind of looks like I was inspired by the museum's architecture. ;) We were taught by artist Aaron Mcintosh, who comes from a quilting background, earned his BFA in fibers and is currently finishing his MFA. (I don't think he was liking us too much though, he referred to us as "the rowdy table"! Some things never change I guess.)

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