Walk like (or Dress like) an Egyptian

Whenever I sit at my desk and my iphoto screen saver comes on I never know what photo's will pop up. Today it was my Egypt album. This past July I traveled with 5 friends to Egypt. I took tons and tons of pictures (1006 to be exact) because really, who knows if I'll ever be in Egypt again. I decided to do this illustration inspired by the art work and craftsmanship that I saw there. As a long time student of art history it was amazing to be there, in Egypt. I stood in the middle of a nobleman's tomb, in the desert, with room after room of the real hieroglyphics I studied throughout the years. To see it, and touch it (shhh don't tell!), while standing in Egypt and not in a museum...wow. I had "a moment." Paired with the pyramids, King Tut, the mummies, and 5 great friends it's a trip I won't soon forget.

How fab would it be to be invited to the Met Costume Institute for a Halloween Ball looking like this? Ahh one day perhaps.

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