Just one month after legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent passed away last summer I visited the Montreal Museum on Fine Arts where I got to see the first retrospective of his work spanning over 40 years. The exhibition that opened 2 days prior to his death included 135 of his creations on mannequins, original drawings, sketchbooks and videos. It was stunning.

Here are two postcards of his sketches that I bought as souvenirs. I love collecting designer's illustrations.

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Miss Eve said...

Hey Brooke, I'm so happy to see you here. I love your etsy shop so much and I have your gorgeous Marie on my wall :-)

I can't wait to read your posts and have more fabulous doodles on my walls! I'm such a big fan :-)

Much love: Evi

Brooke said...

Thanks Evi! It's so nice to have some encouragement. Thanks for saying hi!

Beth Rachel Rothman said...

In love with your illustrations. Beautifully done blog Brooke! I am such a fan, always.