Chanel Custom Fashion Illustrations

Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chanel, a brand that has been at the top of my fashion illustration client-wish-list for years. The Chanel team reached out to to me as they were planning something special for their Fine Jewelry VIP clients for Mother's Day. They invited top clients, along with their mothers and daughters, to view the new collection and choose favorite pieces. I then live-sketched custom fashion illustrations of them wearing their chosen Chanel pieces. 

It was an invigorating day of back to back appointments meeting and drawing some lovely ladies. The highlight, and what made this day truly memorable, was one adorable little girl, Catherine (atop this post,) who was all dressed up especially for the occasion and was nothing short of mesmerized by my sketching. Long after her custom illustration was complete she stood by my side intensely watching me draw until her parents told her it was to time to go and she gave me a big parting hug. Later that night her father emailed me saying "she's had her pencils out all day, and I'm an inspiration." All in all live-sketching for custom mother-daughter fashion illustrations for Chanel was truly a pinch-me project. 

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