Tuesday Tips: Hair

This is the first post in a new series I'm starting for the next 4 weeks called Tuesday Tips. Every tuesday I'm going to post a little tip for you. Whether your an aspiring fashion illustrator or just dabbling and looking to try it out, I'm hoping my tips will come in handy. First up; Hair.
The most important thing to know when illustrating hair is to draw the hair as it grows and flows, as you'd brush it, roots to ends. Hair should not be colored as a solid mass of flat color. Also pay attention to the color variations and the shadows. Flip through a magazine or pick up some personal photos and look at the hair, there are deep dark shadows, the darkest of which are around the neck, and bright highlights on the top and sides where light hits.
I've drawn these three girls to clearly show you my process. First I draw a pencil sketch. Secondly I apply the main colors in marker. Then I polish her up and apply all shadows and highlights with colored pencils. Now if only styling my hair in real life was as easy as one two three. :)
You can also check out my Doodle Darlings to see line drawings of different hair styles, which you can look at as a base, before coloring, like the pencil steps shown here.

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Keely said...

Very interesting. I never would have thought to use both marker and color pencil. I will have to try it out! My drawings are very flat. I will be looking forward to your Tuesday Tips. Thanks!

Cathryn {Pencil Stitches} said...

soo helpful, hair is one of biggest struggles! Thanks for the tips :)

JoaNNa said...

this is very helpful! thanks so much! ;)


Fallon Carmichael said...

This is wonderful Brooke! I love your blog (came here vis BYW)! I too work in fashion and illustrations have always been a fascination for me. I would love to someday be as good as you! Which with practice and your fabulous "tuesday tips" maybe one day I can be! Cant wait for this coming weeks tip! =)

GREAT step by step sketches by the way! You should think of starting an online fashion illustration class one day =)

Mitzi Curi said...

Brooke, I love your idea to feature tips for budding illustrators. I might try some of them myself, just for fun! You are so very talented....it's nice that you want to help others!

tiina said...

What a fun blog you have here! I just found you through a comment on decor8. Glad to meet you! I'll stop by again soon:)

renee said...

Brooke - how wonderful! I love that you will be posting illustration tips every week. I promise to return with sketch book in hand for every class. Can't wait. Thank you for sharing your talent!


Anna Wang said...

Thanks for sharing the tips! I love your blog!