Giveaway! Custom Illustrated Leather Clutch

Giveaway! Ladies, I have a special custom giveaway for you! I've teamed up with my friend and fellow creative Maayan Hotam of Fontem Handbags to create a stunning, hand-crafted, Italian leather clutch, with a custom illustration of YOU, sketched by me, printed within!!!

To enter simply:
1. LIKE this Instagram post & tag friends in comments. (The more friends tagged = more entires!)
2. FOLLOW my Instagram page (if you're not already!) AND Fontem Handbags Instagram page.
3. SIGN UP here for a chance to win!

The giveaway will run for one week and a random winner will be announced 48 hours after the giveaway closes. Good luck girls!

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House of Cards | Final Season Fashion

House of Cards has long been the dramatic home to one of the best dressed characters to grace the small screen, Robin Wright as Claire Underwood. Last month I had the opportunity to preview the sixth and final season of House of Cards not once, but twice! As well as attend talks at the 92nd Street Y and The Wing with Wright, Michal Kelly, show-runner Melissa James and producer Frank Pugliese, pulling back the curtain as to what goes into making this monumental series. Wright's character dons the most pristine wardrobe that is not only tailored to perfection but also magnifies the characters flawless facade. I had the opportunity to ask some burning wardrobe questions about her flawless House of Cards wardrobe, designed by Kemala Harris, who as Melissa James says has “such an eye for not only a flawless wardrobe but such an understanding of character...with such attention to detail. So many of the dresses and stuff she’s [Claire] wearing, she wears with presidential cufflinks, which was entirely Kamala’s idea." She wanted to adapt the masculinity of presidents, and incorporate it into Claire's wardrobe. A wardrobe which is made up entirely of designer pieces that are altered and customized to strategically masculine-ize the character. Robin said jokingly, but not, that one of the things she's going to miss most from the show are the Christian Louboutins and Prada dresses. I sketched the character of Claire Underwood (shown above) in the uniform-esque suit she wears through much of episode one of season six. Even before the cast and crew talks as I watched the episode I was struck by how militaristic and commanding her bespoke suit was with its gold notions, taut fit, and modest cut. 
Season 6 is quite a change from sexy styling of season 5, which I'd also roughly sketched about two years ago (shown above.) I can't wait for what the rest of this final season has in store for us wardrobe wise and in plot twists, with the countries first female President. Robin said "its gonna shock the shit out of you basically!" You can watch the whole 92Y talk (here on YouTube) to hear for yourself all the juicy details. If you do watch, (and this is slightly embarrassing but I'm clearly in awe of Robin and if you've come this far in the post perhaps you are as well.) anytime she looks down to the audience she was making eye contact with me! My friend and I were front row center and concluded that the guests on the stage couldn't see too far into the audience with intense spotlights on them so whenever she'd look down and out at the audience it was right as us! We kept elbowing each other in excitement and the entire cab ride home across town we discussed how charismatic and glowingly beautiful Robin Wright was. It was kind of hilarious that as two grown and heterosexual women we were completely fangirling out!
House of Cards season 6 premieres on Netflix tomorrow, Nov. 2nd, 2018! I'm just hoping I can make it last the weekend and not binge the whole season the first night. And last but not least, I hope to see you at the polls on November 6th. #VOTE

Team USA Closing Ceremony Designs by Ralph Lauren | PyeongChang

Here's a fun fashion illustration sneak peek of the Ralph Lauren designs Team USA will be wearing at tonights closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. If you've been a long time reader of Fabulous Doodles you know I'm huge fan of illustrations from Ralph Lauren design team and this powerful pair are no different. The sketches convey movement and texture and are just the right amount of unfinished to look professional with a stylized and artsy air to them. I'm excited to see them come to life on the athletes tonight!

Have a look at past Ralph Lauren Olympic uniform sketches I've featured in the past:

NYDJ Curves Launch | Custom Illustrations

Fashion week kicked off for me by drawing over 30 custom fashion illustrations of influencers and models for the launch NYDJ's new Curves 360 collection in Los Angeles and New York. Guests were invited to preview of the collection at a brunch where my custom sketches were used as a custom place cards/gifts. I drew the illustrations prior the events digitally (on the iPad Pro in Pro Create app,) which if you've followed me a while you know is not my norm for custom projects such as this but it fit the bill for this concept. To highlight the new denim collection we decided to render only the jeans in full color with the rest of the illustration drawn as a black line drawing. I also wrote each guests name beside her sketch in the same pale pink as the NYDJ logo.
Being a curvy girl myself it was truly a fun project to work on, and I have to say I love the collection! Clients often gift me clothing and products to wear to events and represent the brands I'm illustrating for but being plus size its not usual that they even offer my size so I typically have to settle for accessories. These jeans however are available in sizes 00-28, fit me like a glove and honestly couldn't be more comfortable!

And I think I'm not alone in feeling this way. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the events due to a family loss but the outpouring of social media love and mentions was incredible. Everyone seemed to love their new NYDJ jeans and my custom sketches of them in them! 

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