Party Sketching a Beverly Hills Fashion Themed Bat-Mitzvah with Mindy Weiss

This weekend I'm excited to be working alongside Mindy Weiss again and it occurred to me I have yet to feature the last party I worked on with her! I primarily live-sketch for fashion and beauty brands but from time I do do private parties and this lavish Beverly Hills bat-mitzvah was one of them. Weeks before the event I created a custom illustration of the bat-mitzvah girl to be used on small guest placards. About a week before flying out to LA for the event, Mindy called and asked if I could send the art high res so they could also have it printed on the dance floor. I said absolutely, as they purchased the custom illustration with usage rights for the party and could print it on any and all party pieces they'd like! But when I arrived and actually saw the sketch blown up to about 30 feet I was floored! Pun intended! I've never seen any of my art on such a large scale before and it was surreal. It was nearly impossible to event capture! The photo above was taken by someone atop a tall ladder and its hard to even make out the full image.
In addition to the dance floor, the custom illustration of the bat-mitzvah girl was also pre-printed onto a large sign-in board, guest placards, and of course I was on-site live sketching all the girls for them to have their own custom fashion illustrations to take home. The party took place at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, which my Pretty Woman loving self loved and it was my first time working with and meeting famed event planner Mindy Wiess! She was utterly delightful to work with and get to know. Mindy joined me for dinner and we bonded over event stories and friends we discovered we had in common. I've been to my fair share of bat-mitzvahs but is one I won't ever forget and I can't wait to see what Mindy has planned for this weekends Manhattan fete!

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