Bat-Mitzvah Girl

A few weeks ago my close family friend Kyra here had her bat-mitzvah. We toyed with different idea's of how to incorporate the custom fashion illustration I had done of her into her big day. We thought about printing custom stamps, placing it on invitations, or onto party favors like t-shirts or cds. In the end we used it for a truly custom sign-in board for her bat-mitzvah party.
Kyra's unique sign-in board set the right tone at the party entrance, it was instantly identifiable as being the bat-mitzvah girl and was a big hit among all the guests! A custom bat-mitzvah illustration could also make a great gift, if your not in the market for a sign-in board.

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shabnam said...

Amazing illustrations!! Hope I had my own illustration!!! :)

Brooke Hagel said...

Thank you!

Ellie said...

Your illustrations are amazing! I did a fashion illustration course myself, and would love to go into that line of work, but my illustrations are definately not as good as yours!