Bridal Illustration Wedding Gifts

My custom bridal illustration orders keep rolling in and I realized its been a while since I shared some of them here on Fabulous Doodles.
(Kristina in Vera Wang gown)
This first bridal sketch was a gift for the bride from her bridesmaids! For her bridal shower they gave her a gift certificate for a custom sketch, then after her wedding I worked with Kristina to pick the pose and style she liked best to come up with this illustration. This goes without saying, but its always great hearing from my brides after they receive the artwork and I got the most lovely email from Kristina here saying "I received your illustration today and I absolutely love it!!!! Thank you for your beautiful work! I cannot wait to show my bridesmaids, who gave me the best shower gift ever! I will truly cherish your illustration always."
(Bridget in Mori Lee gown)
Next up here is bride Bridget. Not to toot my own horn here but I just absolutely love the way her dress came out in this illustration. I love the angle of the satin draping, the heavily beaded bodice and her heart shaped neckline. (And as you can tell from my blog header, I also love a red head sketch!)
Last but certainly not least is my friend Sari! Ironically enough the sketch is not actually a gift from me though. One of our mutual friends commissioned me to sketch Sari as her wedding gift. I love getting to illustrate to occasional modest wedding gown, with sleeves and high necklines. They're few and far between and make for such beautiful fashion illustrations. To me they have that sophisticated Grace Kelly/Dutchess Kate vibe, which I adore.

If you would like to commission a custom bridal illustration to give as gift, or to treat yourself check out the custom listings in my Etsy bridal shop, Brooklit Bride or purchase a gift certificate.

College Sketches: Val & Bridget

I'm excited to share these sketches I drew years ago in a college model drawing class (at FIT) as well as offer them as new prints in my shop. What made me want to revisit some of my college class work was something that someone recently posted on my Facebook fan page. They asked if I was ever going to draw "real women" who were not a size zero. Although I myself am no where near that size, it is my illustrative style to draw very elongated, albeit unrealistic, fashion figures.
These two fashion illustrations however were drawn from plus size models. The models posed for us for the overall stance and attitude of the sketch, then we drew garments on them based off images of our choosing. I went with two Valentino designs from a magazine editorial. The little black dress drawn on "Val" (aptly named after Valentino;) is from a 1997 collection and the elaborate taupe mini dress and feathered bag on "Bridget" are from a 2002 collection. (Luckily I had made notes besides the sketches so I can share the source info with you.) Hope you like these illustrations from my college archives.