Watercolor Fashion

Happy weekend everyone! A few days ago I stumbled upon these lovely watercolor fashion illustration ads and knew I had to share them with you. They're timeless, whimsical and just scream "Fabulous Doodles".
After a little research I learned that the watercolor paintings are all by the artist Holly Houk. She was commissioned by Kwiat to create a vintage-style backdrop for their latest advertising campaign of blue-tinted watercolor "models" for the jewels to lay over.
I think these ads are divine. I commend Kwiat on thinking outside the box and wish more brands would take advantage of all the talented painters, illustrators and artists out there.

Bridal Costume Illustration {Pam Am}

What do you get when you take a 60's period wardrobe paired with the hottest new show on television, then add in a beautiful wedding gown worn throughout the first two episodes? My favorite new show, ABC's Pan Am. (I realize I'm about a month late here, but thanks to my dvr, I watched all four episodes last night. Better late than never right!)
Within the first five minutes of the pilot episode of Pan Am one of the leading ladies wore the most lovely wedding gown, and I instantly fell in love. Laura played by Margot Robbie, donned this elegant duchess satin gown with a fitted bodice, voluminous gathered skirt, and tiny bow detailing at the shoulders and waistband.
I quickly grabbed my sketchbook to capture the look and since I really like the outcome I've added it to BrooklitBride so you can purchase your own print of my "Laura" bridal costume illustration. I can't wait to see what the costume designers come up with next. I'm hoping there are many more elegant affairs ahead.

(Image of ABC's Pan Am taken from my tv.)