New to my shop: Pocket Mirrors

I'm thrilled to share my new pocket mirrors. I'm always trying to think of products to adorn with "my girls" and expand my shop selections. If my customers are anything like me then you don't leave home without a handful of essentials, one being a mini mirror for lip gloss application, contact lens adjustment or the occasional teeth check. ;)
Each mirror is 2 1/4" and features a cropped "head shot" of my fashion illustrations. I've chosen ten of my favorite girls with varying hair colors, and fashion styles so hopefully there's one for everyone and you can chose the one that resembles you or friends the most. (As they'd make a great little gift!)
Click here to view and purchase all the new pocket mirrors available in my shop.

(All the beautiful papers used as a "backdrop" in these shots are wallpaper samples from Graham & Brown.)

Ugg Love {and Discount}

A great new website has launched that is all about my favorite boots, Uggs. As my friends can attest to, I love my Uggs! They are without a doubt the warmest and coziest option in a my closet. I have the "classic" in both chestnut and black so I can wear them with any outfit. They're also super light weight which makes them great to travel with. (I couldn't have lived without them during my vacation in Iceland last year.)
I not only outfit myself in Uggs, but "my girls" as well. Here you can see some of my notebook doodles sporting them. (Back in my school days every page of class notes was framed in little doodles like these girls.) I even drew Uggs in my recent holiday card designs here.
(Clockwise from top left: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Aniston, Hayden Pantettier, Avril Lavigne, and Gisele Bundchen.)
Magazines keep claiming "they're out" and they may not be the sexiest shoe choice, but when a chill hits the air girls grab their Uggs. Most of my favorite Hollywood stars regularly sport Australia's best export.
For the next month my readers can receive $30 off Uggs by entering the coupon code "221FAB" on BuyItRightHere. Through the site you can also learn about everything Ugg; care and maintenance, history of the brand, styling suggestions, and buy them of corse! Have I sparked your interest in getting yourself a pair? Happy shopping!

Prom Princess

This sketch of Rebecca was commissioned by her mom Catherine, as a birthday surprise. You probably know by now, that I am frequently commissioned for custom wedding gown illustrations. Well I also draw beauty pageant queens, sweet sixteens, bat-mitzvah and prom girls like Rebecca here.
Rebecca loves the illustration so much that there's been talk of doing some more; one of her senior prom dress and one of her graduation dress to make a fun triptych.

Since prom and graduation are just around the corner I thought it was a good time to share this illustration with you. Maybe you know a girl who would like a custom illustration from prom as a special graduation gift?

Sassy Silhouettes

While shopping with my mom yesterday I spotted these funky silhouettes and I had to snap a picture for you. I love a great silhouette. Be it fashionable, countrified or even traditional, I love them all. These silhouette collections were part of the store merchandising display within the Kensie clothing department of Macys.
I've been a fan of silhouette's since long before they were trendy. Anyone who has placed an order from my shop (here) may have noticed that their order comes with a custom stamp on the package of "my girls" in silhouette with the shop web address beneath it. They were based off project I made back in college. (My BYW mood board from a previous post, had some pretty fabulous silos you could check out here too.)

New to my shop: Marie Antoinettes

I've added new illustrations to my shop inspired by the young and fashionable French queen. Because my "Marie Loves Fashion" print has been popular (you can see her here) and customers have consistently emailed me asking for more costume and period inspired prints, I've decided to turn Marie into a little series. Here you have Marie II and Marie III.
So much of my freelance work is illustrating bridal gowns, which obviously lack pattern and color. Whenever I illustrate something like this with bold patterns in saturated colors, it reminds me of how much I enjoy fabric rendering in the illustration process. (Actually back in college I was hired to tutor other students in fabric rendering.) I hope you like these fancy new additions to my shop.

Audreys Long Lost Twin

While wandering through Etsy I stumbled upon this dress that reminded me of my Audrey II print. They're not identical but definitely related, wouldn't you say. ;) Although I wasn't inspired by this dress, I'm only now seeing it, I often look through the vintage clothing shops on Etsy to bookmark fun finds that could inspire an illustration. I've not only spotted great outfits this way, but poses, hair and styling too.

To check out the dress click here. And if you'd like to know more about my Audrey II illustration click here for an older post or here to purchase her from my shop.

Brunette Brides

I haven't shared any of my bridal commissions with you since Sarah, so I've pulled a few to feature today. In order to give the post a bit of theme I chose some beautiful brunette brides. This first up is a childhood friend of mine, Lee (above). Her gorgeous dress was a full length white lace gown with a slight champagne underlay and satin cocoa colored sash, designed by none other than Monique Ihuillier. I remember watching Lee walk down the isle looking so happy and beautiful that I decided to illustrate her in walking pose, which also compliments the dress silhouette.
The next beautiful bride is Jenn (above). She was given a gift certificate for a custom illustration from one of her bridesmaids (ironically also named Jen!) as a wedding gift. After the wedding Jenn sent me her online album and told me that one of her favorite details of her wedding dress was the laced corseted back. So I came up with this fun flirty pose to feature her favorite feature.
Last but not least is Jade, another bridal illustration wedding gift. This one was purchased by her sister and maid of honor, Yana. She preferred to work with me and give the final illustration to her sister as a surprise! Yana said it was important to have the dramatic long bouquet and hip embellishments featured in the illustration, so I accomplished that with a profile pose.