Inspired Weekend

Today I'm starting a new feature here on Fabulous Doodles called Inspired Weekend. My goal is share a just few things each monday that I've found cultivate creativity and inspire. 
1. The latest issue of Elle magazine with this gorgeous minimal cover of silver, black and white. I had a meeting last week at the Elle offices and was given a copy of the March '14 Spring Fashion issue and I couldn't wait to tear into it. 

2. Helping a friend decorate her new apartment I came across the IKEA Ranarp wall lamp. With its overall industrial look paired with a white metal shade, gold and silver finishes and black and white striped cord, its a great combination and at only $19.99 I have to pick one up for my studio. 

3. "For the first time in forever" I went to see a kids movie this weekend, Disney's Frozen and let me tell you, I loved it! Later that night I found myself not only downloading the main songs (including: For the First Time in Forever and Let it Go) but also sketching the main character, Elsa. I added this print of her to my Brooklit Etsy shop and who knows, I just may sketch her sister Anna and few other favorite Disney princesses as well. 

4. As a lifelong artist I have a sweet spot for brushes and art supplies. This beautiful photo is by Anna-Malin a Swedish photographer and interior/lifestyle blogger. I'm excited to start following her on Instagram and seeing her work in my daily photo feed. 

And lastly, a quick thank you to my friend Will Taylor, aka Mr. Bright Bazaar, for inspiring this post with his 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend series, which obviously I love.

Designer Sketches for NYFW Fall 2014 {Part 3}

Today concludes New York Fashion Week and I'm wrapping it up with the last part of my designer sketch round up. These are designers that successfully chose to sketch groups of fashion illustrations together in a single layout. First up (shown above) is the always adorable Tibi. Although very different from my own style, I've always been a fan of Tibi's playful and loose illustration style.
Ralph Lauren is up next with two beautiful illustrations painted on craft paper. I love the contrast here of the white gowns and blond hair against the tan brown paper. The collection showed this morning and as expected it was absolutely stunning! I suggest you take a look.
Last up is this great group of sketches by Peter Som. These are penned sketches with minimal coloring placed in the skin and hair. This is something that I often do when rendering thumbnail sketches for clients. Coloring in only the skin tone is a quick way to make the garment design stand out.

You can check out WWD and NY Mag for more designer illustrations and inspiration from New York Fashion Week and for previous Fabulous Doodles picks, click on over to Part 1 and Part 2.

These illustrations are all by the credited designers but over the weekend I'm going to edit a post of the sketches that I drew at Lincoln Center while sketching for NYFW sponsor Samsung!

(Illustrations by Designers)

Live Sketching at New York Fashion Week

I'm excited to share that I am live-sketching custom fashion illustrations at New York Fashion Week in the Samsung Galaxy lounge at Lincoln Center! Anyone attending NYFW can pop by and get sketched by me on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and the illustration will be sent directly to you via email. Normally I'm a pencil-and-marker-to-paper kind of girl and I admit, I was a little intimidated as I've never drawn on a tablet before. I've had a day to play around with it though and its been fun figuring out all the tools and effects to achieve the illustrative look I want, like the stylized girl I drew for this invite (above.) I just may have to add a Samsung Galaxy tablet to my wish list!

Designer Sketches for NYFW Fall 2014 {Part 2}

Here in New York fashion week is in full swing and fortunately I've been a little busy with unexpected fashion show invites and pop up projects so thats why part 2 of my designer sketch round up is coming at you a little delayed. First up of these designer illustrations just may be my favorite sketch of the whole season, by Rebecca Minkoff. Her illustration (shown above) exemplifies everything I love about fashion illustration. Its sleek, stylish and edgy while being a completely readable fashion illustration and a beautiful visual. I actually saw Rebecca at NYFW in the lobby of Lincoln Center a few days ago and was tempted to say hi and gush over her illustrations but instead decided to play it cool (or wimped out! You decide. ;)
Next up is NYFW staple DKNY. These two designs are whimsical and fun collage illustrations that use swatches of actual fabric and patterns from the collection atop stylized fashion figures. College is unexpected medium in fashion illustration and can be hit or miss but these are great. I love the intricacy of the faces and that unexpected pop of color with bubble gum pink hair.
This watercolor illustration by Vera Wang is sassy and simple and a departure from the regular illustration style to come from Vera. Perhaps this more casual illustrative look is hinting at whats to come in her fall 2014 collection. Regardless its nice to see watercolor and gauche used in fashion illustration and always makes me want to whip out mine and start experimenting.
I love unique poses and this profile pose that Milly used is perfect. It compliments the design, showing off the exaggerated collar and the drama of such a full gathered skirt. Its also a nice example of a pen and ink outlined sketch and how you don't have to over render features to have a successful sketch. In contrast is the Charlotte Ronson sketch, shown on the right which is fully rendered and quite realistic with the detail in the facial features. Both work, it just comes down to the look you're going for and your comfort level in drawing.

Check back in a day or two for the final selection of designer sketches and flip through WWD and NY Magazine for more designer inspirations. And for Part 1 of my Fall 2014 round up click here.

(All Illustrations by Designers)

Olympic Team USA Sketches by Ralph Lauren

Tonight is the start of the winter Olympics in Sochi Russia and the United States team will again be sporting Ralph Lauren, the longstanding official outfitter of team USA. Shown here are the fashion illustrations for the opening and closing ceremony parade, and as you can always expect from Ralph Lauren these fashion illustrations are rendered to perfection.
The design however is pretty hideous and way too reminiscent of ugly holiday sweaters (The New York Times even titled an article "US Olympic Outfits Worthy of Stares, If Not Metals") but the illustrations are still drawn to perfection and worth a good look. And regardless of what craziness they'll be wearing, I'll be routing for team USA to go for the gold!

(Illustrations by Ralph Lauren)

Latina Magazine Sketch

A few months ago Latina Magazine commissioned me to sketch a custom fashion illustration of their advise columnist, Pauline Campos. Her column is titled Dímelo, which thanks to google translate I've learned means "Tell Me." My sketch of Pauline will be used each and every month atop the column as her bio image, so the next time your by a newsstand check it out!

Designer Sketches for NYFW Fall 2014 {Part 1}

The best part of New York Fashion Week, for me, is usually the days leading up to it when designers release their sketches for a peek at whats to come from their collections! Today was the start of New York Fashion Week and the fashion illustrations have been pouring out over the past few days. Since there are so many to share this season I've decided to break up all my favorite sketches into a few posts and here, for part one I've chosen all the sketches that are light, etherial and simple. Lela Rose shown above, is always a favorite of mine and it's not hard to see why when you look at the delicate lace rendering on the skirt and beautifully stylized figure. 
Next is a great sketch that is slightly more bold with heavier pen and inked lines but still light and clean by Rebecca Vallance. For this illustration I love the attitude in the face and pose and the contrast in the overall illustration. Brandon Sun is another frequent favorite featured here on Fabulous Doodles. I absolutely love this sketch and how clearly it conveys the garments various textures; the sheer Swarovski encrusted skirt paired with a heavily textured and ribbed jacket and barely there figure lines. 
Lastly are two beautifully rendered evening gowns. The first one on the left by Erin Featherston, is a long sleeved, floor length lace gown. Once again I'm a fan of the way the lace is rendered and the attention to detail, clearly showing the gown's scalloped eyelash hem. Erin's sketches also always have a whimsical flirty feel to them, which here is conveyed with the one exaggerated eye. Jenny Packham's illustration, is monotone and simple but quite successful, using a strong confident pose for a delicate and etherial draped gown. 

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of my NYFW Fall 2014 top picks of designer sketches and visit WWD and NY Magazine for more designer inspiration from the collections. 

Live-Sketching Custom Fashion Illustrations for Figleaves

I recently spent a day at the Bryant Park Hotel sketching editors during the spring 2014 press preview. The amazing team from Ann Magnin, Inc. presented the Figleaves spring collection of swimwear and lingerie to editors from top magazines and blogs throughout the day by appointment only. As a gift/favor, I was there to live-sketch them so each editor could take home a custom fashion illustration of themselves.
All the ladies were so chic and sketchable in their layered winter looks of leather, chunky knits, and cute short skirts with tights. It was great to chat with them as I sketched them, everyone was so excited about their custom illustrations which I suppose was a nice little surprise in the middle of their work day. Many of the editors even whipped out their phones (as shown above) and promptly shared their custom sketch with their social media followers!
All in all sketching at the NYC press preview for, spending the day in a penthouse at the Bryant Park Hotel overlooking the Empire State Building and Bryant Park and its ice skaters, and meeting these fabulous women certainly made for a wonderful day of work for this illustrator.

For information about my live-sketching or to have me live-sketch at your corporate event or party you can email me at