Inspired Weekend

Today I'm starting a new feature here on Fabulous Doodles called Inspired Weekend. My goal is share a just few things each monday that I've found cultivate creativity and inspire. 
1. The latest issue of Elle magazine with this gorgeous minimal cover of silver, black and white. I had a meeting last week at the Elle offices and was given a copy of the March '14 Spring Fashion issue and I couldn't wait to tear into it. 

2. Helping a friend decorate her new apartment I came across the IKEA Ranarp wall lamp. With its overall industrial look paired with a white metal shade, gold and silver finishes and black and white striped cord, its a great combination and at only $19.99 I have to pick one up for my studio. 

3. "For the first time in forever" I went to see a kids movie this weekend, Disney's Frozen and let me tell you, I loved it! Later that night I found myself not only downloading the main songs (including: For the First Time in Forever and Let it Go) but also sketching the main character, Elsa. I added this print of her to my Brooklit Etsy shop and who knows, I just may sketch her sister Anna and few other favorite Disney princesses as well. 

4. As a lifelong artist I have a sweet spot for brushes and art supplies. This beautiful photo is by Anna-Malin a Swedish photographer and interior/lifestyle blogger. I'm excited to start following her on Instagram and seeing her work in my daily photo feed. 

And lastly, a quick thank you to my friend Will Taylor, aka Mr. Bright Bazaar, for inspiring this post with his 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend series, which obviously I love.

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Kristin said...

Oh, I love this collection! The lamp and brush cup (I'll diy a silver cup) are going to be new additions to my workspace. Thank for sharing!!

Brooke Hagel said...

Thank you @Kristin! Yes, they'd both make wonderful additions t any workspace.

Briel said...

I've seen Frozen 2 times and there are no kids in sight around here. haha I also bought four of the main songs. Love them! :) I'd love to see you draw Anna!

Brooke Hagel said...

@Briel, no kids here either! So funny. I loved it thought. I actually sketched Anna last night. I'll share on the blog soon. :)