She's a Sketch {Louise}

Living in Manhattan its hard to miss all the beautiful girls abound. Within the group, there are a select few that can only be described, at least to this fashion illustrator, as "A Sketch." Its girls who have that je ne sais quoi. A combination of the modelesque physique paired with a flawlessly chic fashion sense. Louise here, who I spotted on the roof-deck of the Met, is surely one of them!
Louise was kind enough to take a picture of my friend Sarah and I. As she was taking our photo I couldn't help but notice how adorable she was and asked if I could take a pic of her for my "she's a sketch" series here on Fabulous Doodles.
It was a brutally hot city day yet she looked so calm, cool and collected in her linen shorts, wrap tank, and ballet flats. I came home inspired by Louise (who told us she was from Holland!) and all the amazing pencil drawings I saw at the Metropolitan Museum that day that I decided to pick up my sketchbook and draw.

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New to the shop: Bride Note Cards

My bridal fashion illustrations are now a new set of note cards for Brooklit Bride. I picked five of my favorite bridal illustrations to create a lovely little variety pack of cards. The inside of the cards are blank so they can work for any wedding or bridal card need; engagements, showers, wedding, or thank you notes.
The brides are printed on thick card stock with a smooth satin coating on the front and back and an uncoated inside so its easy to write your message. I chose to pair the cards with light metallic silver envelopes to compliment the white gowns. For more details about these bridal cards, or to order your own set, check them out in my Brooklit Bride etsy shop here.

New to my Shop: Magnet

A new magnet has been added to my etsy shop. This new Brooklit Magnet features a small sampling of six of the most popular prints from my two etsy shops Brooklit and BrooklitBride. You can make your fridge a little more fashionable, and for only $2. (Click here to purchase.)

Costume Design: Water for Elephants

As you may already know, I have a serious weakness for costume design, so stumbling upon actual "working sketches" is always a treat. Pair that with sketches from a good period piece and I'm in heaven.
I found these sketches by costume designer Jacqueline West for Water for Elephants in People and knew I had to share them here, and go see the movie already. Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe was sensational and worth the ticket price alone. I couldn't get enough of those 1930s bias-cut silk charmeuse gowns, feathered and beaded "show numbers," finger waved hair styles and art-deco jewels.
(And 2 hours of Rob Pattinson on the big screen isn't so bad either!)

Television Debut

Last week, just two days before the royal wedding and the unveiling of "the dress" my illustrations made their television debut on the Nate Berkus Show. I was asked by Nate's producers to collaborate with fashion journalist Louise Roe to illustrate our prediction for Kate Middleton's wedding gown. (My goodness were we close! I couldn't believe it when I saw Kate step out of the car.)
A little insider info here, things in tv-land move very quickly. It all happened one afternoon about a month ago when Nate's producers called me about the "Royal Wedding" episode they were working on and said they'd love include me in the dress segment of the show with Louise. Needless to say I was thrilled and instantly signed on. A few hours later Louise called me to chat about ideas for the sketches. I then had only till morning to draw my heart out and send the illustrations on over to the show. Although the episode was not scheduled to tape until the following week, the producers needed my sketches well in advance so that the computer techs could work their magic and transform my illustrations into a animated 3-d composite.

From the moment Louise and I first spoke we were on the same page about what we speculated for Kate's wedding gown. We reviewed designs I previously featured here, talked about our visions and I even texted her a picture of some rough sketches in the middle of the night, just so she could see how it was coming along since there was certainly not much time for changes.

Kate has a clear style of classic-traditional. Louise and I agreed that the overall silhouette of her gown would be a simple A-line but large enough to not get swallowed by the cathedral setting. She'd have long lace sleeves and her shoulders and chest would be covered as well. The design would be "modest," and not revealing or inappropriate. It would include couture detailing such as a perfectly contoured and fitted bodice with hand embroidery and/or lace appliqué along the bottom of the skirt and along the train. We also included a delicate and simple tiara, beaded waistband, and a polished and modern bouquet of white flowers and greenery. We knew her dress, train and veil would be beautiful, but certainly nowhere near as opulent as Diana’s.

It was such a thrill to collaborate with Louise, I've been such a admirer of hers and have actually turned many of my "fashion friends"on to her by sending her video and her website. I have also been a avid Nate follower ever since he first stepped onto Oprah’s stage 9 years ago. (A little while back I gushed about him here.)

I know I'll never forget the feeling I had sitting in the audience beside my friend Renaldo and my mom (who actually happened to be visiting from California that same week,) and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it really was a "Secret" moment. I honestly feel like I put it out there, and look what happened. Seeing my fashion illustrations on television was incredible and I just know its the first of many. (But how lucky am I that Nate was my first. ;) When the show aired last week my mom sent me a text saying she was crying with pride. I picked up the phone and called her, but she promptly hung up on me because "the show was on!"

For a closer look at all the sketches you can click on over to the Nate Berkus Show website. I'm working on a new illustration based off Kate's real look from the wedding, which I'll share and add to my etsy shop soon. (Sorry if I rambled on, I normally try to keep posts short!)