Nate Making Over NY

Eight years ago I, along with the rest of America, developed a serious crush on Nate Berkus. Within five minutes of stepping on Oprah's stage he began wowing us with his impressive makeovers and charm. The talented interior designer creates beautifully functional spaces that truly reflect the needs, lifestyles, and personalities of his clients.
There are many signatures to Nate's sophisticated, masculine, and modern design style, but one in particular especially resonates with me. Nate creates lovely walls of art displaying photo's, collections, mementoes and sometimes even personal "doodles" to be enjoyed by his clients on a daily basis.
These are some of the beautiful rooms from Nate's portfolio featuring his eclectic wall displays. I would love to take inspiration from one of these rooms for my small NYC studio apartment, add some fashion illustrations (of course!) and maybe swap the brass tables and frames with chrome and silver for a polished, fashionable and feminine space.
The room shots shown here are from Nate Berkus Interiors and the snapshots are mine, taken at Nate's first ever book signing, five years ago. My girlfriends and I all snuck out of work a few hours early and headed out to Long Island to be there and sit front row! I actually remember it like it was yesterday, Nate was a fantastic speaker, and we had a blast meeting him. The event was filmed by a camera crew so we were certain we'd have a little cameo on Oprah, but it never happened.

Recently Nate bid farewell to Oprah to star in his own show that will be filming here in New York! The only thing that would make the news any more exciting would be if I was working on it. (Hint, hint, Nate, if you need a design assistant with a talent for illustrating and shopping I'm available!) The show launches September 13th, so set your dvrs!

I wrote this post in honor of Nate Day on Twitter! Nate Day is the brainchild of the Moggit Girls. They've gotten just over 100 bloggers to participate by writing about Nate today and spreading the word about his new show. The shows producers are going to have one show filled with an entire audience of design bloggers so fingers crossed I'll be seeing Nate again soon! You can check out all the Nate Day blog posts here.

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Nice pictures!

I was searching for those pictures forever!

I knew I had them and thought they were on ofoto. Took me a while to realize you had the camera and they were in one of your albums!

Ah what a fun night. I totally still remember it like it was yesterday! I miss you guys.



Creategirl said...

Saw your photo over at High Heeled Foot! You ladies are so lucky to have met him in person - the perfect excuse to get out of work!
Thanks SO much for joining us for NateDay, it far exceeding all of my expectations!

LuLu said...

Lovely drwaings!

I'm wondering - how do you get the drop shadows on your posted images?

Is that through blogspot? or did you use photoshop?


Brooke Hagel said...

Hey Lulu, I make them in photoshop; add shadows, tape, etc.