She's a Sketch

Living in Manhattan its hard to miss all the beautiful girls abound. Within the group, there are a select few that can only be described, at least to this fashion illustrator, as "A Sketch." Its girls who have that je ne sais quoi. A combination of the modelesque physique paired with a flawlessly chic fashion sense. Charlotte here, who I spotted in the Meatpacking District, is surely one of them!
Frequently I'm asked what inspires me. New York and more importantly, New Yorkers, always come to mind. (Here's a old post with some more.) So I've decided to share some of the girls here on Fabulous Doodles in a new feature called "She's a Sketch." I can't really take the credit for this one though. It was my good friend Renaldo whom I've featured here a few times before whom first coined the phrase. Years ago while strolling down the street with Ren, he elbowed me and pointed to a passerby saying "she's a sketch!" Ever since, we're constantly spotting "sketches." (Now I just need the confidence to approach em and ask to snap a pic!)

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Krista said...

I totally know what you mean...When you just feel like that girl, or maybe just a thought inspired by her, belongs in a sketch book somewhere:)!!...This pic is great, I can't wiat to see more post like this!!:)

XO, Krista

SOFIA said...

love you blog!

Lisen said...

I have to say I really love your illustrations! They make me wanna draw to all day/night long :)
I just opend my own blog to share my fashion illustrations to. Hope toy enjoy!