She's a Sketch {Louise}

Living in Manhattan its hard to miss all the beautiful girls abound. Within the group, there are a select few that can only be described, at least to this fashion illustrator, as "A Sketch." Its girls who have that je ne sais quoi. A combination of the modelesque physique paired with a flawlessly chic fashion sense. Louise here, who I spotted on the roof-deck of the Met, is surely one of them!
Louise was kind enough to take a picture of my friend Sarah and I. As she was taking our photo I couldn't help but notice how adorable she was and asked if I could take a pic of her for my "she's a sketch" series here on Fabulous Doodles.
It was a brutally hot city day yet she looked so calm, cool and collected in her linen shorts, wrap tank, and ballet flats. I came home inspired by Louise (who told us she was from Holland!) and all the amazing pencil drawings I saw at the Metropolitan Museum that day that I decided to pick up my sketchbook and draw.

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Reyni Ramírez said...

i love it!!!

A said...

Amazing post!
That is such a great illustration.

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Flara said...

looks the same as in the picture, beautifully;))

Acbarnett said...

What a sketch! I love it. Louise truly has some style!

Brooke Hagel said...

Thanks girls!

And I know, her style is fabulous right. Maybe in my next life I'll look as easy breezy and chic as her. ;)

lyssa said...

That is such a cute idea! really nice blog. keep it up..

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