Ella Henderson US Album Release Party

Earlier this week I had an incredible front row spot at Ella Henderson's US Album Release Party for her first album Chapter One and now I can't seem to stop sketching her! My British bestie Will Taylor introduced me to Ella's music about a year ago and her first single Ghost quickly became one my top songs of last year and pretty much my anthem of the last 6+ months. (So much so, I made it the soundtrack to my little 2014 year-end insta-video.)

It was surreal going with Will, one of my best friends, to this event and getting to be a part of Ella's US album release. We sang along, danced, sipped champagne and laughed the night away. It was the kind of unforgettable night that doesn't come around too often and when that happens I'm always eager to capture it. I also have to say that Ella looked fantastic and you know I love a jumpsuit! Remember this sketch of Vogue stylist Kelen, whom I toured the US with sketching for Vogue and Clinique? 

If you haven't yet I highly recommend checking out Ella Henderson. Ghost and Beautifully Unfinished are my two favorites but the whole Chapter One album is great! I'm so excited she's finally here in the states and looking forward to seeing her career soar. 

(Illustrations and photo by: Brooke Hagel) 

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Mrunmayee said...

I love your work. I have been following the blog for quite some time then it got dropped off my feed somehow and I re-found it via a pin :)
I was wondering do you teach an online class or something about your work as an illustrator? Coz I would love to learn from you!

Brooke Hagel said...

Hi Mrunmayee, so glad you found me again! I have no class plans as of now but have been considering it. Be sure and follow me along on my social media (Facebook, twitter and instagram account linked on the sidebar here) so you'll be sure and see any announcements. Thanks again!