Custom Illustration Surprise for Roselyn Sanchez

A few weeks ago I was contacted by actor Eric Winter to commission a custom fashion illustration of his gorgeous wife actress Roselyn Sanchez and their adorable daughter as a surprise Christmas gift. Eric did a little investigating as to his wife's favorite red carpet moments and we reviewed photos of both Roselyn and their daughter to pick looks that they both loved and best reflected the girls personalities, colors and attitudes.
I start custom illustrations with a batch of rough sketches for the client to review and choose a pose from (shown above left.) Originally the illustration was only to featured Roselyn and Sebi in their dresses but after Eric reviewed more of my work he asked if designer shopping bags could be added and possibly a Vogue magazine popping out, since I often illustrate for Vogue and it's a favorite of Ros'. I was happy to make the changes and did so in the next step, the polished line drawing (close-up shown above right.) Eric promptly approved the line drawing and I moved ahead to the final color rendering.

Eric had the illustration framed and surprised his girls Christmas morning. I was thrilled to hear it was a hit, Roselyn even instagramming and tweeting a picture saying she was "in love with her fab gift" and Eric said "you rocked it!"  Needless to say working with Eric on this custom illustration was  a pleasure! I loved the outcome and was so touched by the overwhelming response from them and their friends.

You can order a gift or commission your own custom illustration through my Etsy shops Brooklit and Brooklit Bride.  There you will also see examples of my custom illustrations and can read more about the custom process.

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