Honest x Ladurée | Apple Pencil Party Sketching

Last week I flew back early from LA to join Jessica Alba and live-sketch custom fashion illustrations at her intimate affair for "Honest in Paris" at Ladurée Soho. The event was for select journalists and bloggers to give them a sneak peek at Honest's new Parisian themed products. It was my very first time drawing on an iPad Pro and trying out the new Apple pencil. I was quite nervous about it so I arrived an hour early in the hopes of getting some practice in and getting a feel for the program but the new iPad wouldn't acknowledge the new pencil! I ran to Apple and they got it working but it didn't leave me much time to get back and experiment before the doors opened. Jessica was my first sketch of the day (shown below) but in all honesty here, it took two tries before I felt I could share it with her!
Beautiful pastries and petals filled the party and both the clients and guests were trilled with their custom illustrations but being my own worst critic I do wish I had the opportunity to practice using the Apple pencil beforehand so my digital sketches were on par with my traditional pencil-to-paper fashion illustrations. If clients are going to insist on digital sketches I think its time I bit the bullet and invested in a tablet and stylus but now the question is Apple or Samsung? I'd love to hear opinions from those of you who have used them for creative work. Have you been able to achieve the same effects as with actual art tools and which brands and programs have you used?

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