Women's March Illustration

This weekend I proudly attended the Women's March in NYC. It was a surreal experience and I'm excited to keep the momentum going starting with sharing my march inspired illustrations! It was incredible to come together with millions of like-minded people around the globe (current estimate is 5 million marchers spanning all continents!) to peacefully march and voice our outrage over the new administration and their hateful rhetoric towards women, survivors of sexual assault, LGBTQ, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, and people with disabilities. For weeks leading up to the march I thought about sketch ideas I could post to my Instagram on the big day, and even in the early morning hours the day of the march I was experimenting with new concepts. I chose to post a sketch-in-progress video of female silhouettes all marching in a variety of skin tones (see video below.) Throughout the weekend people not only "liked" it but private messaged me, commented and tweeted asking if a print of the illustration would be available, and I'm happy to share today that it is! 
The official Women's March organizers have arranged a call to action titled 10 Actions for the First 100 Days and the first two actions are to send a postcard and reach out to your local representatives in the senate and congress to "pour your heart out on any issue that you care about, whether it's ending gender based violence, reproductive rights and women's health, civil right's, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental rights or anything else." They've made it easy by including a search bar on the site for your zipcode, and with one simple click you can view your representatives mailing addresses. So I turned my Women's March illustration into 5"x7" postcards for you to do just that! I also added it to the Etsy shop as an art print, available in all sizes (see below.) I intend to donate proceeds from the sale of these cards and prints to Planned Parenthood.
And last but not least, since this was requested as well, I turned the illustration into a Women's March patterned phone case! The background of the pattern is clear so the color of your actual phone will show through varying the appearance of the multicultural marching women. It could be a fun daily reminder of this historic march, that we're stronger together and the future is female! You know I could go on and on with these motivational phrases, but I'm sure you get the gist. ;)
Clearly the Women's March invigorated me and it feels good to feel good for a change. And to feel that change is possible if we band together. I'm also so excited for these new items and what they represent and to donate proceeds to such an important organization for women thats come under attack makes it all the better! Did you march? If so where? Are you too feeling as pumped as I am?!?

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