Custom Fashion Illustrations

Last year I had some wonderful fashion industry clients who commissioned custom illustrations for their business' branding and I thought I would share a few of my favorites from different categories; makeup, styling and fashion blogging.
First up is makeup artist Alexis Frank. She wanted a sketch representing herself at work doing makeup, in her favorite look of leather pants, a tank top, and stilettos, with layers of gold accessories and her tool belt of brushes. Alexis also asked me to create a business card design. I gave her a few options but in the end we went with this playful yet modern and clean font. I send her a referral link to moo, who I can't rave about enough for their fantastic card quality, and her new fashion illustrated cards were on their way.
This next fashion illustration is of Rebecca, an adorable magazine editor with a side business in personal styling. Her business is called LBD Stylist, so of corse her illustration is decked out in a chic little black dress, pointy toe heels, and a sparkling statement necklace, all inspired by Rebecca's favorite designers.
Last but certainly not least is sweet southern fashion blogger of Just Dandy and new e-boutique owner Danielle Downing of ShopDandy. Danielle was lovely to work with and knew exactly what she wanted with detailed pictures of hair, jewels, a pose and an exact shade of hot pink for the flouncy frock.

It was great working with each of these girls to create a fashion illustration that truly represented them, their style, and their businesses.

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