Holiday in Paris

(Top: In my Parisian stripes and beret enjoying our view, the Arc de Triomphe early morning, Place de la Concorde. Middle: Louve ceiling, Eiffel Tower, my Paris visual packing list.* Bottom: The Seine, Versailles, Musee d'Orsay.) 
Bonjour! I'm back from a much needed vacation, a holiday trip to Paris, France with two of my best girlfriends. The trip was so wonderful and Paris is so beautiful and picturesque that I had to post some of my photos here on Fabulous Doodles. Within five minutes of arriving from the airport I could see why this city has inspired so many artists, designers and writers. At every turn, around every corner, is another incredibly charming street, building, shop and lamppost.
(Top: Van Gogh's apartment building door, beautiful Montmartre street, "tourist pic" at the Eiffel Tower. Middle: Versailles, Arc de Triomphe with my girls, pyramids of the Louve.  Bottom: entranced by Renior at the Musee d'Orsay, chocolate eclair, the Artist's Bridge.) 
Being there just a week we saw most of the sights, strolled along the beautiful Seine and enjoy our fair share of Parisian delicacies but I can't wait to return, perhaps in the spring next time to relax and take in more of the lovely city. Merci for a wonderful week Paris, I'll be revisting these pictures often. Au revoir!

*Visual Packing List- Every trip I pack for thats more than a few days I sketch up a what call my "visual packing list," a quick visual reference in the form of little thumbnail sketches of all the outfits I've packed. This way I can easily see what I've worn, what I have left, and what I can mix and match. Here's another I posted from a trip to Israel and Egypt years ago.

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Laima N. said...

oh, i miss Paris..jelous a little bit of your trip!
and your illustrations as always - gorgeous!