Project We Do

For the past 2 months I've been involved in an exciting new project called Project We Do (I actually came up with the name that the committee ended up choosing as the one!) What we're doing is bringing the community together to throw a wedding for very deserving couple who couldn't otherwise afford to have one. The Rabbi says that it's the biggest mitzvah (good deed) you could do, helping to bring a couple to the chuppah (wedding canopy).

For the site I illustrated a bride, groom, and chuppah which the website designer applied to the page as an animated element using flash. I also drew these fun little icons to be used on each page of the site. It's been a really successful collaboration working on designing this website and from the way things are going, and all the donations rolling in, it looks as if this wedding will be a memorable one.

We're still working on the site and will be adding to it daily. Just this past thursday we shot the first "webisode" to document our planning. As one of the head planners I'm co-writing the Planner Blog, so you can check in to read about our progress (here) and even weigh in by voting on different elements of the wedding. As I'm single, and haven't actually planned a wedding for myself yet, I'm really enjoying this project!

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