Ever since I started my illustration business I've gotten some fantastic press. I thought it was time to put it together and post them together in one spot. I've created a facebook photo album here on my facebook fan page with some of my favorite features from magazines and blogs.
New Jersey Bride was the first magazine to feature me and one of my illustrations. It was such a trill to see my name in print next to my work! I had had illustrations printed before but it was always illustrations done for clients or my former company and I would never actually receive any credit. I think I actually gasped while I stood in line in a Barnes & Noble in Jersey and first saw this page with my feature.
The next time I felt this trill was with this feature in New Jersey Life Weddings. (I'm a born a raised New Yorker but New Jersey's really shown me some love huh!) The way that this feature came about was through a previous job. I was assigned to style a 2 day photoshoot in Pennsylvania for Country Living and I worked very closely with one of their senior editors, Jennifer Vreeland McDermott. On the long car ride back to NYC we talked about our interests and hobbies and I mentioned my budding bridal illustration business. About a month or two later I learned Jennifer was moving on from Country Living to become the new Editor in Chief of New Jersey Life! I sent her a congratulatory note and told her if she ever needed any sketches done that I would love to work with her again and share my portfolio. Soon after I received an email asking me to send some examples over. The rest is history, here is the tear from their premiere wedding issue.

This last image is from Design This Design That, a online art magazine. It was my first time being interviewed about my work and my process. I really love the look of the spread with my shop name over my Lily print and the text of the article overlapping one of my brides. You can read the interview by clicking here, and "turning" to page 107.

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Eleonora said...

Congratulations for all your successes!
You have to be proud to see your name published in magazines ;-)

Have a great day!


Brooke said...

THank Eleonora, yes it's very exciting. Hopefully more to come!

Chelsea said...

How exciting! Congrats! I love your illustrations. I mentioned your etsy shop on my blog yesterday!

Brooke said...

Thank you Chelsea, I'll check it out now!