Halloween's Approaching

So I've decided to take a look at my Etsy shop to see which of my fashion illustration prints could be costume inspiring. My very favorite, although probably the most costly to pull off well is Marie Antionette. I'd love to get fully decked out in such an elaborate period costume. That dress, tall platnium wig, feathers, and lace, what more could a girl want from a night of dress up?

Throughout the years some of my favorite Halloween memories have been when I dressed up as part of a group costume. As a kid I was once part of Alvin and the Chipmunks with two other friends. I got stuck being Simon cause I was the tallest and had glasses, but have fun memories of it none the less! Then in college for a friends costume party, I along with 4 other friends, was Madonna through the years. We each chose a Madonna to be: "Like a Virgin" Madonna complete with white lace bustier and boy toy belt, "Frozen Madonna" in geisha garb, "American Pie" Madonna in a western shirt and cowboy hat. Such a great group costume.
The point of this long tangent is that I found a group costume idea in my shop: the fab four from Sex and the City as seen in my They're Back print. This wouldn't be too much of a stretch for most NYC girls who try to be them every night, halloween or not. (I guess it's that age old saying "life imitate's art, which imitate's life", right?) But if you really went all out and got the appropriate wigs, outfits, and accessories, it could be great. You could even include your boyfriends, gay husbands, and friends by having them join you as Big, Harry, or Stanford.
The last illustration I've picked as possible costume inspiration is Cleo, my modern day Cleopatra. First Marie, a French queen and now an Egyptian pharaoh! Maybe I need a spa day or something, I swear I don't sit around dreaming of being a royalty, they just happen to have fabulous wardrobes.

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A Sort Of Fairy Tale said...

great idea with the madonna through the years group costume! that would be fun, as would sex and the city, and of course marie! happy halloween!