Project We Do II

This week I was asked to do some more sketches for the Birthright Israel NEXT, NY Project We Do website. They're super tiny on the actual site, so I thought I'd post them here for you to see a little bigger. Each illustration is an icon to coincide with an explanation of the different elements that make up a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.
I've also designed the invitations for the wedding and now that they've been mailed out, and guests have seen them, I can share them here with you. The cute part is the bottom of the invite. It has the bride and groom illustrations that match the one's that drop down throughout the website. I chose this font for it's rounded and playful yet casual cute look.

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Sweetly Sweet said...

You are very talented, just love those illustrations! I am just starting my blog on my countdown to my daugther's second birthday, but I had to make a wedding greeting card on a rush for a friend and I included it on my blog, maybe you want to take a look!