Costume Design: The Great Gatsby

As if I wasn't excited enough for Baz Luhrmann's take on The Great Gatsby, after seeing these costume design sketches, friday can't come soon enough. For the women of Gatsby, Luhrmann and costume designer Catherine Martin collaborated with Miuccia Prada to reinterpret looks from past Miu Miu and Prada collections in 40 stunning cocktail and evening dress designs. (Some may even be memorable, like this Miu Miu beaded sheath I sketched of Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes, shown below in slate blue.) I love how the illustrator chose to only render the costumes in color and leave the figures white, similar to my Sociologie wine sketches. These beautiful dresses combined with other wardrobe collaborations including Tiffany jewels and Brooks Brothers suiting will surely make for a stunning film.
On a personal note, I've always had a love of Gatsby. Actually, I grew up in the town on the north shore of Long Island where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby, which in the book is referred to as "East Egg." It was always an exciting element of my hometown's history. In high school we were even offered extra credit for giving the address of the "the Gatsby House" in English class. (Thank you Mrs. Aufses!) Walking around the city these past few weeks and seeing all the Gatsby themed windows, tv promos, and now these wonderful costume design sketches, has gotten me so excited for the new Gatsby! What are you most looking forward to you in the new Gatsby?

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