Fabulous Doodles' 4th Blogiversary

This past weekend marked four years of my little fashion illustration blog Fabulous Doodles! It's been a great year with many exciting new clients and experiences so what better time than now to look back and spotlight some of the years highlights (alongside a few Instagram memories.)
The biggest change of this year which brought about incredible opportunities was deciding to live-sketch at parties and events. After trying it out just once, and featuring the sketches here on Fabulous Doodles, I was approached by Director of Events for Vogue Magazine, Anne Vincent! As a life-long fashion nerd, walking into the Vogue offices, portfolio in hand that first time was a surreal experience.  Even though I was a nervous reck our meeting went great, my portfolio and resume were a hit, and I booked my first Vogue job for two weeks later. I live-sketched for Vogue at the opening party of the very first Piperlime store.
Since that first illustrating job with Vogue, over the past 8 months I've been rehired to illustrate at a handful of Vogue events, sketch for their partners, attend parties, make custom stationary for Vogue staffers and had countless introductions to editors, designers, and stylists. It's been incredible working with the team from Vogue this year and knowing that I have the support and encouragement of such an iconic and influential fashion powerhouse has been extraordinary.

The next highlight of this year is one actually not featured on Fabulous Doodles but instead one that it led to. Months ago after learning of everything I was working on via Fabulous Doodles an old FIT professor and friend recommended me for a highly coveted illustration position. I was called in for an interview to be in-house illustrator for Ralph Lauren Collection! Not for Polo, not Chaps, not Rugby, not Lauren, but the creme de la creme, Ralph Lauren Collection! This meeting unfortunately didn't go as well since I didn't get the job but it was such an honor to even be considered and meet with the head designers. I now truly get it when actors say "it's an honor just to be nominated," because thats exactly how I felt simply being considered and called into the Ralph Lauren Collection offices.
Working on Sociologie Wines featuring a different stylized sketch of mine on each wine bottle has been so gratifying and I'm thrilled with the final product. The feedback from friends, family and Fabulous Doodles readers both in person and on my social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) was overwhelming, and its something I'm really looking forward to working on more as the line expands.

Next up is my collaboration with the fashion director of Quest Magazine, which resulted in a whopping 6 page spread of my fashion illustrations. I've had editorial features before but nothing that even compared to the 6 full pages in Quest's 2013 Spring Style issue.

The next one is another biggie, something to actually cross off my childhood "bucket list." I've illustrated not one but two books this year! I worked with Capstone Publishing illustrating two fashion illustration tutorial books for the tween market: Fun Fashions You Can Sketch, Girly Girl Style and Harajuku Style. It was a long process and very challenging at times but I can now say my name appears in the Library of Congress! I've also just polished off the illustrations on a third book, which hopefully will be released later this year.
For years I've followed the work of sweets stylist Amy Atlas. After meeting at a cocktail party, Amy reached out commissioning me to illustrate some dessert bar concepts for her segments on the Today Show and Access Hollywood. I've also assisted from time to time, co-crafting, setting up and styling alongside Amy and her partner in sweets Lisa. Styling is something I used to do a great deal of in my previous position before taking on illustrating full-time and its so great to be able to go back to it from time to time, especially with such a talented duo.

Last but certainly not least of the highlights of this year is illustrating for InStyle and Gap. I've been a Gap girl for as long as I can remember and InStyle was my go to magazine for years so this was another dream job/pinch-me moment and something I was thrilled to add to my portfolio.

It has been a monumental year for my illustration career and I can hardly believe starting this fashion illustration blog four years ago has led me to such wonderful opportunities. Heres hoping year five of Fabulous Doodles will be continued success, recognition, and more pinch-me moments.

(Photos and sketches: Brooke Hagel @Brooklit)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fabulous Doodles. It's a wonderful blog by a talented artist. It's been such a wonderful year for you , especially sketching for Vogue so much. Congrats on the great work! xo hem

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Happy Birthday, lovely lady! So pleased things are going so well for you. You're such a talented illustrator and a total hoot to hang out with. Let's do drinks again VERY soon, please! xx

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Happy Birthday, lovely lady! So pleased things are going so well for you. You're such a talented illustrator and a total hoot to hang out with. Let's do drinks again VERY soon, please! xx