New Products in my Shop

Manhattan now has a Michaels Arts and Crafts Supply. As if it couldn't get any better it's located in my hood, on the upper west side! This may not be ground breaking news to others but for this crafter, it's HUGE. I will no longer have to figure out how to finagle friends with a car to stop in with me when we're coming or going from the long island outlets or a friends party. And I'll no longer have to run through the store with the pressure of knowing someone's waiting for me. (Because I much prefer to shop alone, especially when it comes to my arts and crafts supplies.) Yes, I'm a crafting nerd, and I know!
So here's the first, of what will most likely be many, new products to be added to my shop. I bought these two notebooks and with the power of twin tak (one of the all time best art products created) have added my Global Girl and Vogue Ready prints to the zebra and houndstooth wrapped covers.

I've also added a few more gift tag listings and hope to add more products categories soon for the fast approaching holiday season.

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Fell 4 Fashion said...

I've just discovered your blog and etsy shop and let me tell you, I am in love with your illustrations!! I am def going to keep you in mind for future gifts, for myself and others! :)

Brooke said...

So sweet, thank you "Fell 4 Fashion!"