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I have quite the girl crush on Garance Dore! I love her style, wonderful street fashion photography, incredible job with jet-setting life style, and her illustrations of corse.
For years I've been visiting her blog, but it's just this year that I'm able to read it, since it's now being translated into English. Garance's blog features delicate girlie girls who ooze fashion in an effortless and totally enviable way.

She has a great sense of humor and her writing is very casual and relatable. It's as though she's an old friend dropping you a friendly hello and sharing her findings. These are some of my favorite illustrations from her blog. Her work regularly appears in Vogue, and more recently on a limited edition run of t-shirts for the Gap.
You can read more about Garance and her boyfriend, Sartorialist author Scott Schuman here.
Illustrations by Garance Dore.

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Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

What amazing illustrations!!! Reason enough for me to check out her blog!

taramichele said...

to die for!

Brooke said...

Aren't they fantastic!

Astrid Mueller said...

oooh she's good, love the elegance and poise of her figures. lovely find :-)