Retail Therapy: Sterling Hoops

For YEARS I've been searching for these hoops. I first noticed them on Halle Berry. They must be favorites of hers because she's been photographed wearing them everywhere from the grocery store to the red carpet. What's so cool about them is that they have a post behind them so the hoop sits on your ear lobe and doesn't go through it. I love the graphic look of them and that they're a twist on a classic. It suddenly occurred to me to check Etsy for them, and voila there they were! India y la Luna's etsy shop is where I was able to finally find my hoops, made of sterling silver, and hand crafted by Gaby in Argentina, making them all the more fabulous...That and the fact that I traded some of my prints in exchange for them! Thanks Gaby, I love them!

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Gaby said...

Thank you Brooke for the lovely post!!! I knew I had seen the design before I made them but it was no H. Berry who was wearing them, it was a local artist from my country.... Enjoy them as I'm ejoying my prints!!! Take care!! Gaby