New Print: Milie

Recently there's something a little out of the norm that I look forward to finding in my mailbox, the J Crew catalogue. This is not because I'm a big J Crew shopper, actually in last year or two I've bought only 2 or 3 pieces. (Their stuff doesn't really fit me) The reason I look forward to their catalogue arriving is because the designs, styling and art direction are so well done. I love the color palettes they put together and they way they style the models, layering garments so they look haphazard and thrown together, yet still come off preppy and classic.

After this last issue I decided to turn one of the kids looks into a illustration for my etsy shop. I really like how she came out so a few more J Crew inspired illustrations may be on their way. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time you can check out Milie in my shop.

Photo above: J Crew Nov. 2009 Catalogue

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Martha Carolyn said...

I recently stumbled upon your etsy store, and I am a big fan of what you do! I think J Crew is very inspiring too, and I love, love, love Millie! I will be ordering from your store soon! :-)

A Sort Of Fairy Tale said...

so cute! love the books you added.