Sketches from Fashion Week Spring 2012 {Part 2}

(Rachel Roy)
Sadly its the last day of Fashion Week here in New York. And although we'll have to wait until spring for the collections to pop up in stores (and till Feb. for the next NYFW to roll around) we can enjoy the fabulous designer sketches here and now starting with these creamy neutral designs.
(Pamella Roland)
I absolutely adore the illustration style of the designs from Rachel Roy and Pamella Roland. Both show such fluid movement and have an easy sketchy quality to them while still conveying clear garment designs and details.
(St. John and Cynthia Steffe)
These sketches, by St. John and Cynthia Steffe, are both pretty heavy handed and appear to be drawn with a thick marker, like a Sharpie. This could be a little tough to pull off since the tip is so thick and can easily bleed and become a blurring mess. However these turned out great, and I'm sure were completed fairy quickly. It could be a fun drawing exercise to try out this style and see if works for you. The trick is to work fast and keep that marker moving.
(Pamella Roland)
For more fashion illustrations from the spring 2012 collections you can check out Essence and Pantone Style Guide.

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Anonymous said...

Pamella Roland's outfit looks amazing. Love it!


Mimi said...

You are quite a talented artist. The sketch of kate's dress is incredible!