Costume Illustration: Giorgio Armani

When someone says "Armani" I think of sophisticated Italian tailored suits and sleek evening wear. Recently though, Giorgio Armani has been branching out into jaw dropping theatrical show stoppers, starting with these designs for Lady Gaga. I remember watching Gaga perform at the Grammy's in this heart-shaped leotard (below) and thinking it would be a great look to illustrate. I never actually did it, so I was exited to stumble upon the Armani illustration.
I love they way the beading is rendered! The entire garment glistens. And in the sketch below there are all these little flecks of color that make the drawing appear iridescent. Its great to see a designer fully render a garment. Although stylized illustrations can be fabulous, I think its nice to see all the details and get a full understanding of the design.
Armani has now moved on to design the tour wardrobe for Alicia Keys' "Element of Freedom" European tour. The looks are not as dramatic or avant garde as the Gaga design's but they do have the glitz and glam that you expect from a pop star performance and a design legend.
This last group (below) actually reminds me of the "art test" part of my application to FIT's fashion design department. I had to create a concert wardrobe for one of my favorite singers. I chose Ms. Whitney Houston. She was touring at the time and was wearing only Dolce and Gabbana. (Maybe I'll share it sometime if I can find it.) Anyone apply to FIT lately? I wonder if this is still part of the application and art test.
I love seeing, and collecting, designer fashion illustrations, and its all the more exciting when they're costume designs! Hopefully Armani will set the set the trend here and more designers will share their sketches.

(Random side note: I was once asked to illustrate Alicia, and the sketch was actually given to her. It was years ago, and one of my first red carpet illustrations. My work has improved a lot since then, but you can check it out here.)

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Teaka said...

Crazy to see Armani doing something so extreme. I simply drool over the illustrations.

William Drummond said...


I was recently accepted to FIT and the test has changed a little bit. We had to design a capsule wardrobe that could be mixed and matched to create 4 different out fits.
My blog has an example of one of my artwork tests ;)et

Brooke Hagel said...

Oh nice! Thanks Willydee, I'll go check it out.

My Fashion Dolly said...

Oh wow, it's great that Armani is sharing his illustrations, they are amazing. I love the last set of Alicia Keys, truly impressive! Thks for sharing.

Danielle Shepherd said...

Oh those illustrations are so gorgeous - all the textures are rendered perfectly! Love your Alicia piece as well ;)

A said...

I love the Lady Gaga-Armani illustrations.

You are such a good illustrator-wow.

I'm very new to illustrating. Your style is so amazing.

I'm following you and can't wait to see more ;)

Leon's Escapades said...

Amazing worksA! Bravo. Who did you have for illustration at FIT? Steven Stipelman? Linda Tain or Rosalba Emanuel King?


Brooke Hagel said...

Thank you Leon! I had Stipelman for 3 semesters and know Linda well, but was never in her class.

Pedralba said...

The Gaga Designs are just Brilliant!

Stephanie Ricci said...

I love these pictures, i needed to find a fashion illustrator for college.... so happy i came across this blog!

Anonymous said...