Brooklit Bride: New Bride Prints

Meet the three lovely brides that have just been added to my Etsy bridal illustration shop, Brooklit Bride. These brides are not all new, but its the first time I've made them available for purchase.
First up is the polished and poised Michaela. She's in a strapless gown with a pleated bodice, large back bow, and tulip pleated long skirt. I drew Michaela a while back and included her in my assorted business cards. She continues to be a favorite amongst people I share my cards with, so I thought it was about time I added her to Brooklit Bride. I think something about her simplicity channels Audrey Hepburn. The dress is inspired by a Rosa Clara gown.
The next bridal illustration named Sophia, is fresh off my sketchbook. (Just drew her last night actually.) I designed her dress with a pretty scallop trim to accent the simple princess ball-gown dress silhouette.
The last bride here is not new to you, my Fabulous Doodles readers, but she's new to the shop. I created her in a bit of hurry for a feature on Harper's Bazaar's site by combining two existing brides. Because it was such a thrill to be involved with Haper's Bazaar and she was the illustration chosen by them to represent my work, I've named her Harper. Her gown has a lace overlay and is embellished with dozens of delicate tiny rosettes.

(Brides; Brooke Hagel, Frames; Wisteria and Martha Stewart, Wallpaper; Graham & Brown)

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Joanna Baker said...

So pretty, Brooke! I've always admired your faces. The detail on Harper's dress is beautiful!

Brooke said...

Thanks Joanna! That's the part of her taken from a previous bridal client, so its a real dress. Wish I knew the designer though.