Blush Band Wardrobe Styling

Months ago I was thrilled to be contacted by the manager of the pan Asian pop girl group Blush to collaborate on their wardrobe and styling. I ended up sketching each band member in a wardrobe illustration that fit her personality, taste and comfort level while complimenting one another and staying true to a monochromatic palette of "blush" pink, black and white. Each girl truly has her own unique styling esthetic. Angeli's a girly girl who loves lace, Victoria likes tight and tailored with a elegant and preppy vibe, Ji Hae is uber-blingy and hasn't met a sequin she hasn't liked, Natsuko is edgy and likes a touch of masculinity, and Alisha favors fun urban looks and can't live without her hoops!
This was such a fun project to work on. The Blush girls were a joy to work with and I'm excited to see them grow. Blush is already making history. Blush are the only singers to date to, from Asia, to have their first two singles hit #3 (Undivided featuring Snoop Dogg) and #1 (Dance On) on the US Billboard chart. Now maybe their styling will be a hit too!? You can check out Blush here on iTunes.

Which Blush girl's style resignates with you? I'm a Victoria/Angeli mix myself.

(Illustration by: Brooke Hagel)

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Astrel said...

Very good illustrations Brook! Without first reading the descriptions I immediately got what each member's style/personality was, just from looking at the illustrations.

I like Victoria's style the most!

Anonymous said...

Angeli's dress with Natsuko' jacket.


Anonymous said...

Nacho and Victoriaaaaa! :)