Custom Bridal Illustrations

Summer is wrapping up and for me that means many custom bridal fashion illustration orders are being shipped out. This wedding season has brought on lots of new custom bridal sketches and over the next few weeks I plan to share a bunch of them. To start here are two of my recent favorites.
First up was commission by a personal friend, Lou (the groom.) Lou was excited to surprise his beautiful bride Adele with a custom bridal illustration on their one year anniversary.  What Lou didn't even realize, was just how appropriate that was because the traditional gift for the one year anniversary is "paper!"
This next bridal illustration was a gift as well but this one was a wedding gift for the newlyweds from the brides sister Jillian. To commission a custom illustration of your own or to learn more about my custom process you can check out this post from last year as well as the custom listings in Brooklit Bride.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog and admire your talent. Keep up the good work.

Таня said...

Wow! You are sooo talented. Recently I've started trying myself at fashion illustration, and I fortuned your blog and I just wanted to express my admiration! You are my idol! I sit in front of my computer and can't stop sighing!