Designer Fashion Illustrations {NYFW Fall 2013}

Here in New York we're in throws of Fashion Week, which to me means designer sketch time. Ever since my college days a major highlight of NYFW has been when the trade paper Women's Wear Daily shares designer sketches and the inspirations behind the collections. I used to have to hunt down the illustration issues, but now everything is shared online. (Am I dating myself here?!)

Its always fun to pick my favorites to feature here on Fabulous Doodles and the Rachel Zoe sketch (shown above) was a no brainer. She's actually the only designer I'm showing again from last season's picks. What I love about this fashion illustration is that the pose is playful and unique, being a profile with a kicked up leg. The illustration is also stylized but not cartoonish or unsophisticated, and is wonderful example of rendering textures.
This Pamella Roland sketch is unique because the illustrator went with a very stoic profile pose. You don't see profile silhouettes too often because they're difficult to read and really see the garment designs, but that is not the case here. Its a lovely sketch of a beautiful gown.
As you may know my previous NYFW season reviews, I absolutely love illustrations done on craft and construction papers like the Oscar de la Renta sketch (shown above.) The floral pattern, which I'm pretty sure to have been photoshopped or cut and pasted on top is beautiful and I think the mix of white charcoal with pen and/or gauche is a really nice effect on the dark paper base. Highlighting around the croquis is something many designers choose to do, and its interesting to see how the de la Renta and Rachel Roy illustrations both have it but so differently, one in white and the other with heavy marker and conte crayon.
This Wes Gordon illustration is a little more abstract than the others I've chosen this season. I really like the watercolored work and the the overall feel of the illustration makes a nice visual. For more designer sketches straight from the New York collections head over to WWD (that's part one, here's part 2 & part 3.) Which designer made your favorite sketch? Are there any you absolutely loved that you think should have been included here?

(These illustrations were all created by the designers and their design houses, featured on Women's Wear Daily.)

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Anastasia said...

gorgeous illustrations! I love your illustrations too - you are very talented!

Gypsy Ballads said...

I love to see designer illustrations, it's a lovely opportunity to see an idea that later gets realized

Abhishehk Kochhar said...

I want to see architect representations, its a dazzling chance to see a thought that later moves toward getting acknowledged

Christena421 said...

I like all your views,it will help designers to make design