Dry Bar Hair Menu Sketches

Next week I'm heading out to LA to live sketch at a party in Beverly Hills. Since press will be there I was thinking I'd treat myself to nice blowout before the event so I called the hotel concierge to find out if they knew of a blow dry bar nearby. I know this sounds ridiculous but it reminded me that I have yet to share here the new hair menu sketches I was commissioned to illustrate for the Blo menu and site.
This new hair menu is quite different from the previous sketches I've worked on for them (both their first hair menu and the Barbie NYFW menu.) These are more stylized and sketchy and all have a similar stoic face, which was requested by the client. We went back and forth a bit on coloring effects and in the end they asked if their graphic designer could add in the splashes of color, which is something I've never had done before, as normally all my sketches are my hands only. I like how they came out though and its great to see them all finished and up on the Blo site. Their Beverly Hills locations not open yet, its coming soon, otherwise I'd be heading there this week to see the menu and get my hair blown. 

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you did the color..it looked vector to me, so I'm glad you clarified. And the stoic look is new too, but it looks great! Congrats on the LA gig and have fun :)

Brooke said...

Thanks! Yeah vector isn't my "thing." I only use photoshop for minor retouching.

Miss Drawingdream said...

really like your drawings :)

Miss Drawingdream

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Melissa Nadine said...
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